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We have a few free fitness training videos which helps with general fitness, weight loss and health improvement.

Fitness training video1:

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Fitness training video3: (Weight lifting etc.)

There are more than 400 worldwide institutions which now offers fitness training programs. A popular route is now any MSC program which allows the candidate to specialize in both fitness and nutrition, such as the qualifications offered by Westminster University, Nottingham and Bristol. In terms of open learning, the Open University offers a wide range of qualifications too, many are view-online courses which might not lead to certification, but purely to stimulate the learners interest in order to sign up for the right program.

The Open University presents a free online course on Alcohol and it’s effects on Human health:

Alcohol and Human Health

Perhaps a useful start for fitness enthusiasts – understanding the effects of alcohol and limitations it imposes on your new fitness regime.

BBC  Physical Education series

GCSE   Bitesize – Physical Education

Here   users can learn about several aspects of fitness training such as anatomy,   physiology,  health and training   performance. This is a theoretical perspective on fitness.

BBC   Education on Sports InjuriesGCSE Bitesize – Sports Injuries
Explore   the causes injuries as well as the treatment of wounds and fractures – also   unconsciousness, heat exhaustion and medical shock. Sports trainers find this   quite useful and it is also a useful addition to medic first aid training   courses.
BBC   Health & FitnessHealth – Fitness
BBC   Health aims to provide users with motivation to improve fitness. This is a   really popular section and is great for people starting out in fitness.
BBC   Raising Your GameRaise   Your Game
Given   the UK’s great performance in the Olympics – for such a small country,   perhaps there are some useful tips from the BBC on how to improve overall   performance. Professional athletes and casual fitness enthusiasts will find   this section helpful. Free fitness training courses.
BBC   Sport AcademySport Academy
Whether   you’d like to be a superstar in football, boxing, swimming or another sport,   there are common principles of success that can be embraced. Here – in a free   course, the BBC evaluates several useful tactics for competitive sport   performance.
International   fitness association (IFA)Amazing   opportunity: The International fitness association has several courses which   is 100% free to participate in. Once you have successfully completed any   course, only should you wish to gain certification then there is a small fee.   This is a very popular route to certification in fitness and personal   training.IFA Aerobics   Instructor & Personal Trainer Certification Exam
IFS Sports nutritionistIFA Senior Fitness Instructor   Certification ExamAqua Fitness instructor / Water   Aerobics   recommends the IFA courses following some good feedback from learners.
Really   aimed at teenagers and young adults, S-Cool is a great start to a healty   fitness regime.
Weber   State University presents a free course on Stress management which is closely   related to fitness. Stress   Management
The   Keep Fit AssociationThe Keep Fit   Association
This   is a widely established sports association where people can obtain free help   to improve fitness – a free fitness course.

Find a free fitness training program and diet designed by nutritionists and personal trainers:

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