International Relations

Free International relations training courses online

To obtain an insight into the world of International Relations, you are at one of the best resources on the web.  The free courses on International Relations that we offer come right from some of the world’s topmost universities.  Besides, you can even download these courses – audio or video – to your computer or MP3 player.


  • War and Peace: International Relations since 1914: A free online course presented by David Wetzel of UC Berkeley, this comprises of a series of 24 lectures that can be individually downloaded as a podcast.  Learn all about the evolution of international relations since the year when World War I commenced – iTunes
  • International Environmental Law: Commencing with a brief introduction on Public International Law, learn about its impact on the environment and boost your knowledge with a discussion of what environmental law actually means.  This course is conducted by Cymie Payne of UC Berkeley, considered as an expert on International and Environmental Law – YouTubeiTunes VideoiTunes Audio
  • International Politics: This podcast from the John Hopkins University presents a free course that provides engaging content on the generic aspects of International Politics – Feed
  • International Political Economy: Presented by James Morrison of Middlebury College, covers several topics related to the subject such as Globalization in Perspective, Global Environment Politics etc. – iTunes
  • International Politics: James Morrison of Middlebury College, shares the findings of his research on subjects related to the international politics, international law and organization etc. – Audio
  • International Trade: Comprising of a series of 25 lectures, this course covers the theory of international trade by Steven Wood of UC Berkeley.  Learn about the theories and policies of International Economics based on the textbook by Paul Krugman and Maurice Obstfeld – YouTube iTunes Video
  • History of the International System: James Sheehan of Stanford University, conducts this course that helps the learner understand international affairs in the 21st century.  He provides an overview of the 20th century whilst laying emphasis on the development of the international system with respect to how nations define their self-interest and develop their policies with other nations – iTunes
  • International and Global History since 1945: This course provides an explanation of the vast and complex historical changes that have occurred since the end of World War II.  The learner is taken from decolonization to the Cold War and subjects such as environmental degradation along with population growth have also been covered.  Presented by Daniel Sargent of UC Berkeley, this course encourages the learner to understand the origins of our time – iTunes
  • Dispute Settlement, Compliance and International Institutions: This course, conducted by Cymie Payne of UC Berkeley takes the learner through the role of law in the management of international environmental problems – YouTubeiTunes VideoiTunes Audio