Allegheny Power Application

Brief Overview of Allegheny Power

allegheny-power-applicationAllegheny Power is a utility services energy company based in the United States. The company is in the S&P 500. Founded in 1925, the company headquarters are located in Greensburg, Pennsylvania. The group generates 95% of its electricity from coal-fired power stations. Power plants are located north of Pittsburgh and Pennsylvania (Allegheny Power), south of Pittsburgh (West Penn Power), in West Virginia (Monongahela Incline Power), and to the west of Maryland and Virginia (North Potomac Edison power) as well as in West Virginia (Mountaineer Gas).

Traits that Allegheny Power looks for in prospective employees:

Leadership, talent and character are the values that this power company subscribes to. As one of the largest electric power companies in the U.S., Allegheny Power depends on highly skilled, well trained, dedicated and motivated people to generate and deliver electricity safely and reliably to their customers. The company boasts that their employee’s leadership, skills, diversity and character have helped them to become a successful Fortune 200 company. They are always looking for more qualified workers who will contribute to the success of their company, so if you think you would like to help them uphold the aforementioned values, find out here how you can be part of their next generation of power professionals.

Important information about Allegheny Power and current employment opportunities.

If you are interested in a job, you can apply directly online (a link will be provided below). If you cannot find a suitable job, or one that you feel qualified for, but still would like to work for this great S&P 500 company, you can register your data with them on their website and they will contact you as soon as there is a job opportunity that might be more suitable to your skills and interest.

To search and apply for jobs at his company paste the URL provided below, onto your web browser:

Facts about working at Allegheny Power

Minimum age requirements to work at Allegheny Power: you must be at least 18 years of age to work at this utility company.

Hours of operation: Shifts are available 24/7

Allegheny Power Career Opportunities

There are many different types of career opportunities at this large utility services company, so even if you’re not an Engineer or consider yourself a technology whiz there’s still other areas of the company where your skills and talents could be put to good use. Here is a list of some of the most common positions that become available at Allegheny Power: Customer Service Wizard, Inside and Outside Sales Representatives, Sales Manager, Data Communications Specialist, Nuclear Engineer, Radiation Protection Services Supervisor, Network Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Laboratory Technician, Reactor Operator.

Important tips for applying and interviewing at Allegheny Power

Allegheny Power uses the interview process to screen the most qualified candidates. They regularly hire experienced workers and professionals to fill open positions and career opportunities. To begin the process, applicants should submit the required forms for consideration of employment. After submitting an application potential employees must wait to hear from one of their recruitment specialists, within a couple of weeks, to schedule a job interview. Some applicants may wait several weeks to schedule job interviews, depending on the volume of eligible candidates.

During the interview process, applicants participate in a series of job interviews designed to assess their education, employment history, relevant job skills and availability. Applicants must prepare through the review of specific requirements and responsibilities of the desired position. Arriving early to each interview is recommended. Be prepared to answer basic questions during the interview. Allegheny power also raises hypothetical interview questions to measure your personality traits and work ethic. Respond to questions in a positive way, be informative and concise. Think of each response before responding and maintain a clearly audible and articulate tone throughout the interview process. Touching base with your recruiter a few days after the final interview can also increase the chances of employment.

Employers always like it if you are well informed about their company. Here is some additional information about some of the latest developments at this utility services company: Allegheny Power sells utilities and energy to more than 1 million customers, it now operates as a subsidiary of FirstEnergy, which oversees many other public utility companies, including the Ohio Edison Company, the Pennsylvania Power Company, Central Jersey & electric light company and transmission systems of American.

A good candidate, however, will always do a little of their own research which could be more focused on the specific job opportunity they are applying for. For more information you can browse the web or go directly to Allegheny’s website.

Allegheny Power is constantly hiring full- and part-time employees, as there is a constant need for workers at substations and power plants in many different locations. As part of the recruitment process to become an employee, they may require a Drug Screening and a Background Check for potential candidates. An online request form for Allegheny power begins the recruitment process. Complete the application for Allegheny energy and add a little extra juice to your job search. Apply online to start the recruitment process and find your job at Allegheny Power on the following Link:

Customer service professionals at Allegheny make phone calls, answer questions, help customers and help sell utilities. Allegheny Power also recruits utility meter readers, whose job is to visit customer homes and take meter readings. The company also hires workers to do landfill management, as well as a myriad of other technical jobs.

Equal Opportunity Employment, Salaries and Benefits

During the entire recruitment process and throughout your career advancement the company will promote equal opportunity employment. While working at Allegheny, workers can receive competitive wages, there is some flexibility in scheduling, for those who are interested in half-day or full-time flexible schedules. Additionally, if hired you will receive employment benefits and paid employment training. Employees are also offered annual salary packages, retirement funds, 401 (k) plans, paid holidays and comprehensive health plans. Apply online and find more information on the employment benefits Allegheny Power.

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