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Branching out from Columbus, Oh, the Big Lots chains of department stores are now located in 47 countries throughout US, with about 1400 operational stores. It all started in the later half of the 1960’s, at that time the store was named Odd Lots. The annual revenue generated by Big Lots, a multi-national company specializes in broadline closeouts, is more than $4.6 billion. It competes not only against the dollar stores, which go by names like Dollar Tree, Dollar General and 99 Cents Only, but also against Wal-Mart Stores. According to the 2013 Global Powers of Retailing report more than 30 percent of the 250 largest retail companies in the world are based in the United States and Big Lots is one of the most dominant ones.

The products offered by Big Lots consist of toys, furniture, clothing and house ware as well as electronic goods. Big lots stocks some really unique stuff which might not be found at any other departmental stores. Big Lots also has some stores which specialize in particular genres like furniture or wholesale merchandise. Big Lots mainly offers products at greatly reduced price to dispose of all remaining stocks. This is called selling at closeout and overstock prices. They also stock a lot of items that want to change their packaging, logos or design and the companies want the old stuff off the shelves. Merchandise sold by Big Lots includes but not limited to kids items, different types of furniture including Dining furniture, Living/Family Room furniture, TV Stands, Mattresses even Fireplaces etc. clothing, Health & Beauty products, Home Essentials  and electronics. They have tons of snacks & cereals, a lot of which are not seen in big box supermarkets. Unlike other stores that try to find where the demand is and get the proper supply in stock to meet the existing demand, Big Lots starts with supply and seeks demand. According to their website, Big Lots buys closeouts, so the stock would vary depending on what they got that shipment. By the end of its current fiscal year as it concentrates its focus only on its retail stores and going to close their wholesale operations in the fourth quarter of this fiscal year, at which time it will be treated as discontinued operations.

Big Lots like to employ people who are smart, innovative, hardworking and willing to learn. You can apply for both, beginner level or professional jobs depending on your year(s) of experience. Usually new employees are established at cashier, stockers or sales assistant jobs. Jobs for supervisors and management personals are also available at Big Lots. The managers usually supervise other employees, regulate day to day duties and make work related schedules. Big Lots, a Fortune 500 company, usually hires people committed to delivering terrific service. If you want a career with opportunities, challenges and rewards, Big Lots is the place for you.

Download Printable Application form: Big Lots Application Form (PDF)

Job vacancies and salaries

Big Lots believes in giving a chance to employees as young as sixteen years of age, it provides better employment prospects for teenagers in the retail industry. There’s an application form which is available online for the future employees convenience. The vacancies for the following positions are available on a frequent basis.

Sales Associate

The duties of a sales associate include customer care services. Candidates most well suited for this job need to have a friendly, helpful and professional attitude. The sales assistant wages are at a minimum level.


This is an entry-level position and the duties of a cashier involve operating registers at the Big Lots stores.. Cashiers are usually paid a minimum wage.

Stock Clerk

This position does not require any experience. This position involves lifting weighty objects. The hourly pay is between $8-9.


Highly motivated and enthusiastic individuals are required, who can oversee various operations at the managerial level to guarantee complete customer satisfaction. Associate managers earn about $10 an hour Assistant managers have an option of a salary of about $30000 and $40000 per anum. Store managers earn as much as $65000 a year.

The perks of working at Big Lots

Big Lots has a caring attitude towards each of its employees. It offers a safe working environment along with many benefits and perks. The salary is great and all employees get equal opportunities to work in surroundings which are enjoyable. There’s a lot of room for personal career growth, as well as incentives with paid training. Lots of benefits are offered to people who are well qualified. Executives at Big Lots receive bonuses as well as some eligible associates also enjoy relocation assistance. All employees receive the following benefits of working at Big Lots.

  • Retirement plans up to 401(K)
  • Educational assistance
  • Access to health and well being programs


Big Lots was founded by Sol Shenk in 1976 in Columbus, Ohio. However the name of the company at that time was Odd Lots and operated under the Consolidated Stores Corporation. The owner ship of the store changed hands in 1983. In May 2001 the name of the company was changed to Big Lots, Inc The new management team wants to focus on identifying the best opportunities in the U.S. market to serve their target customer in a manner that brings value to our customers, stockholders and associates.

Services offered

Shopping centers and various stand alone locations come under the management of Big Lots. The company provides a great variety of stuff to customers like, pet food, furniture, toys etc. Both brand name and off brand products are sold at discounted prices at Big Lots. Each store is divided into sections like garden and lawn, home decoration and furnishings etc, there’s also an operational online store for the benefits of customers.


Age limit: 16 yrs and older

Working hours: Mondays to Saturdays: 8 am to 9 pm. and Sundays: 9 am to 7 pm.

Plans for expansion

Big Lots plans for domestic expansion are underway and new stores will be opened throughout US.


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