BNSF Application

BNSF Brief History & Company Overview

BNSF goes back more than 160 years to 1849, when 12-mile Aurora Branch rail was founded in Illinois. In the coming decades, many extra rail lines were constructed and eventually became part of what is today the railway.

This railway was created September 22, 1995, the merger of Burlington Northern Inc. company of the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railway.

The engine that connects

This railway is one of leading freight transportation companies in North America, with a rail network of 32,500 miles of road in 28 States and two Canadian provinces. This company is one of the leading carriers of the products and materials that help feed, dress, supply and power communities throughout America and the world. The company moves such goods in a safer and more efficient way, using significantly less fuel and with fewer emissions than the alternative road.

Where do I fit at this company?

If you have a degree in computer science, a wealth of knowledge of trade or financial expert 15 years of experience behind you, this company offers many opportunities to put your career on track.

Trade (Unions)

Experienced first line Supervisor (EFLS)

Information technology

Management trainee


They believe that the key to the company’s success is using progressive thinking individuals in talent, education, experience and thought. As a result, they will continue to be one of the most successful railroad networks in North America – doing what they do best.

This is where you come in! With your help, this railway company can continue to move forward faster than ever. The company offers a wide range of career opportunities to match all types of education, training and experience. Enjoy of the employees of the company:

A diverse work place

Competitive salary and benefits

A safer working environment and professional

Opportunities for promoting

A company with a long and rich legacy in American history

A career full of interesting challenges and significant work

To conduct a search for current job openings and apply for those positions, you may follow the URL below directly to the companies website:

 Medical Review Process

The medical review process prior to the employment of the company allows them to specifically assess your capabilities in line with the demands/needs of the job. Physical demands/requirements vary depending on the job.

You will be prompted to complete one or more of the following during this process:

Medical History Questionnaire

Urine and/or Hair Drug Screen

Vision and Color Acuity Test

Hearing Test

Physical Exam

Physical Capabilities Test (Watch the video in their web site)

 Background review

The chart found in the company’s web site shows the necessary elements of their background check, as well as what they should check specifically for each element. Please, keep in mind that once you submit your request you do not get the opportunity to make any changes or updates. Be sure to disclose all criminal convictions, traffic infractions and employers within the deadlines listed below. In the event the company is not able to verify your employment, you will be asked to supply the appropriate documentation.

The company uses a hair test of illegal drugs in your job application process. Please note that you will need to provide a hair sample for this test, which will be tested by use of illegal drugs or any illegal use in the past, approximately 90 days. Hair samples can be collected from the head or body, and can be taken from various locations to obtain the required amount needed for the tests. Studies indicate that the hair grows an average of 1/2 inch per month. You will not be able to move forward an application for employment unless you can provide a sample of hair suitable for the test. Collections of hair will be in the event of recruitment of the company. If you do not pass this test, please do not attend.

Receipt of a TWIC is a condition of employment for posts that require unescorted access to secure areas of the port facilities. If you are offered and accept a job that requires the TWIC, you will be notified by the conditional offer letter with steps to follow. It is not necessary to take any action at this time.

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA), in coordination with the United States coast guard requires that all employees whose work requires unescorted access to secure areas of the port facilities, to include the inland ports, to obtain a Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC)

 Development opportunities

For many of you, the way to the job of your dreams doesn’t stop once your foot is in the door – perhaps you aspire to be a first line supervisor within your department, or serve someday as CEO.

To help you get there, the company offers opportunities for development and provides the resources you need to help you advance in your career!

If you are beginning as a mechanical worker or a financial analyst, our advancement opportunities are designed to help you put your career on the right path.

 Military recruitment

At this railroad company, they salute to your service, value your skills and your unique experience and talents. Since 2005, the company has hired more than 6,000 military veterans of the United States.

 Competitive Advantages

Life is more than a salary.  It takes thousands of employees, working in many jobs and locations, to direct a railroad. However, they all have a common interest in the fulfilment of their health, savings, disability, retirement and other personal needs, in addition to earn a salary.

That is why working for this company also means having a competitive benefits programs and services.

The size and nature of the company places employees in various programed (Union-represented) and exempt employment settings which each one of them can provide slightly different benefit plans. Visit the company’s web site to look at available benefits and their general description. As always, your supervisor or team leader can be directed to the details of your specific program, as well as assisting with getting answers to your questions.

Regardless of union membership, description of the work or work location, being able to meet the personal needs and goals now and in the future is another demonstration of the vital nature, ingenious, and progressive of the company.

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