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Facts You Need To Know About Working at Best Buy

best buy jobapplicationformHas your search for employment become fruitless? Has it left you feeling disillusioned like a clueless scavenger hunter? Then fret no more as this article will take you on an insightful road trip on the job opportunities at Best Buy. To start with Best Buy is a retailer business which specializes in selling of electronics and home appliances in US but it has some outlets abroad. Working for this company is a promising career as they have total annual revenue of $ 50 billion; this is needless to say that Best Buy is not a small company. It has grown to over 1,500 outlets in recent times both within the US boarders and abroad.

Basic Qualification for work at Best Buy

Due to the success Best Buy has enjoyed in recent times, there has been a higher demand to hire highly qualified individuals to work in this organization. Needless to say that Best Buy has been hiring on regular basis on recent times, a telling sign that your chances of being hired are very high once you apply online for any of the jobs at this company. Apart from having attained the age of 16 and 18 with respect to the job you are hunting for, it also looks for individuals who are highly motivated and show positive attitude. The applicants also have to show an insatiable zest of willingness to learn and improve Best Buy. The Applicants also need to be well versed with current modern technology in order to fit in the Best buy Family.

Apply Online: Visit their Official Website here

Here are some of the jobs you will find at Best Buy, and the best part is that you can apply these jobs online:

1) Cashiers –you have to be 16 years old or above to be employed as a cashier at Best Buy. Because the cashiers are responsible for billing the purchases that a customer has made, they have to be homely and welcoming. A good smile to the customers always works the trick. Cashiers have to always look neat as they sell out the image of the company.

2) Sales Associate -These are the guys tasked with thejob of assisting the customers in the outlets. It’s a great job as you will meet different people daily and interact with them. To qualify for this Job you must be 18 years old or over 18. Because the customer looks up to you to guide them, you must have some knowledge about the items on sale. You also be friendly and possess impeccable customer service skills.

3) Management-This is quite a lucrative position. To nail it you must first of all be above the age of 18. Also toqualify you also need to have excellent leadership qualities. Organizational skills are also a must for you to grasp the management position at Best Buy.The reason behind this positions being called lucrative is that people earn between $ 40,000 and $ 100,000 annually.

These are not the only jobs at Best Buy. For those who want to push their career further in certain fields, the company gives you that opportunity. Here is a list of other career opportunities you can land at Best Buy;

1)  Accounting jobs- This is a professional job and in order to qualify you need to a degree in accounting, anything past that will be an added advantage to the candidate. Relevant experience is also required to get an accounting job at Best Buy. Their job description evolves around handling accounting jobs at Best buy.

2) Marketing- this is also a job that will require academic qualification in order to nail it. Your experience in marketing will also be used in weighing your suitability to the marketing position.

3) Human resource manager- This are the guys vested with the hiring and overseeing the well being of the workers. It’s a demanding job and a degree on the relevant field is a must. Experience is also a must to get the Human resource job at Best Buy

4) Information and technology (IT) – a very promising career at best buy. Academic qualification and relevant experience are a must to qualify.

5) Legal department – a slot for the jurisprudent individuals but they have to show their relevant papers for qualification of that slot plus some experience in that field

There are also some Geek squads you could try your luck at Best Buy this include, the geek squad double agent home theater specialist, Geek squad can installation tech and the Geek squad cadet.

What does Best Buy Specialize in?

Best Buy offers customers with a wide range of latest gadgets and services in the marker, this include;

Latest electronics- It offers consumer with the latest electronics in the market. Apply for you job at best buy and join the  team in fulfilling customer’s electronic needs.

Cellular phone- are you wondering where you will buy the iPhone you saw being advertised over the internet. If yes then visit any Best Buy branch and you will get any phone you need. It has partnered with Verizon, AT&T,sprint, Boost Mobile and T-Mobile to offer customer with the widest selection of cellular phones.

Computer software and maintenance- Best Buy has perfected the niche of getting outside your comfort zone and conquering new grounds. Back in the Year 2004, Best Buy acquired the computer Geek Squad which happens to be an all around the clock computer support task force. Thanks to this Geek Squad, Best Buy has been able to offer clients the services of computer repairs and replacement of faulty hardware. The Geek Squad also installs computer software to clients with newly purchased computers or laptops

Apart from the reasonable salaries employees earn at this company there are other benefits that tow along with securing you an employment at Best Buy, They include

  1. A conducive working environment
  2. Outstanding compensation in case of anything when you are in the line of duty
  3. A comprehensive insurance cover
  4.  To keep fit there are some healthy and wellness programs
  5. Employees are also stand to benefit from the company Future Planning benefits


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