C. R. Bard Application

About the company

C. R. Bard, Inc. is a prominent multinational in the development, manufacturer and marketer of innovative medical technologies, improving life in the product fields of: urology, vascular, surgical specialty, and oncology.

This company markets its services and products in the entire world to hospitals, individual health professionals, extended care facilities and alternate site facilities.

The company was the first to develop medical products for individual use of the patient for hospital procedures; currently the company is dedicated to pursue technological modernization that offer exceptional clinical benefits while assisting to reduce overall costs.

The fundamental values of the company are quality, integrity, service and innovation represent their reality and aspirations. These four values have them prepared for the obstacles ahead and guide their day-to-day activities to adjust with their mission.


2007 marked a milestone in the history of the company … 100 years of quality, integrity, service and innovation. The company began with the intention of introducing a product to the public that had relieved urinary pain. This mixture of curiosity and sales has been behind every major event in the history of the company, the Foley catheter to the angioplasty balloon to the high tech cancer treatments the company markets today.

Much has been achieved in the course of its history and are equally committed to the future. As they still bring innovative products and improve the lives of patients worldwide and expect that their second century to be as remarkable as its first.


As a medical products company with a strong technological inheritance, their opportunities for employment in the whole world include scientific positions, professional, technical and management, as well as a wide range of marketing, manufacturing, operations, support functions and data processing.

To search and learn more about career opportunities at Bard follow the URL below to their career paths page on their website:


Tips for interview at Bard

Before you can climb the corporate ladder, you have to put the foot in the door. Here are some things to take into account once an interview has been scheduled:

Practice. Practice answering interview questions and practice answers to questions of a typical job interview. Think of real examples, which can be used to describe your abilities. By presenting evidence of your success would be a great way to promote your candidacy.

Prepare. Have an answer ready when you are asked, what you know about the company? Knowing the name of your interviewer and using it during the job interview would be helpful. If you are not sure of the name, call and ask before the interview. Trying to relate what you know about the company when responding to questions.

Get Ready. Make sure that your interview attire is clean, tidy and appropriate for the type of company you are interviewing for. Bring a portfolio with copies of your curriculum. Include a pencil and paper to take notes.

Be punctual. Arrive in time to the interview. Being on time to be there before time, five to ten minutes. If necessary, take some time to go to the office in advance so you know exactly where you are going and how long it will take to get there.

Keep calm. During the interview, try to relax and be as calm as you can be. Take a moment to regroup. Maintain visual contact with the person interviewing you. Pay attention and listen to the whole question before you answer. You will be ashamed if you forget the question.

Show what you know. Try to relate what you know about the company when responding to questions. When talking about the achievements of your career, match them with what the company is looking for.

Follow up. Always follow up with a thank you note reiterating your interest in the position. If you have several interviewers, send each one a note of appreciation.

Be your best…

Their record of achievements in health promotion is made possible by the commitment of their employees to be their best.

This commitment embodies the fundamental values they embrace that include quality, integrity, service and innovation.

To join the company, you will be inspired by these fundamental values, which are embraced by its employees and projected through the health care industry.

The company can offer challenges and exciting employment opportunities. They are committed to the success of each individual by providing opportunities for development to ensure that they meet personal career aspirations.

The company is an affirmative action/equal opportunities employer.


The company offers a program of benefits for employees and their families that is designed to provide financial protection during employment and a chance for a secure retirement.

Depending on the place of work and length of employment, benefits programs available may be:

Medical Plan

The company’s medical plan offers two coverage options – a preferred provider organization and a comprehensive major medical plan. They offer a national network of providers.

Prescription drug plan

With the prescription drug coverage offered to employees of the company is participating in a company’s medical plan. There is also a prescription drug mail order program.

Dental Plan

The company offers two Dental Plan options – a Dental Plan Database and a Premium Dental Plan – through a network of dental providers. Plan participants have the option to see a participating provider (network) or a nonparticipating provider. In any case, the Plan offers full benefits after an annual deductible is satisfied.

Vision Plan

The company offers a voluntary complete vision care benefit. The vision plan has the country’s greater eye care network, with thousands of doctors located in metropolitan areas such as rural areas.

Wellness Program

In order to promote the health and wellbeing of their employees, the company offers a fully integrated employee health and wellness program. This program is designed to help employees improve their individual health in general, encourage healthy responsible behavior and increase the health awareness.


The company is committed to fomenting a climate where employees are treated with fairness and respect and feel valued, recognized and rewarded.

You will receive rewards for contributing to their success that go far beyond your income and include the cost of retirement, health care benefits and other benefit programs, as well as the required contributions they make to government-sponsored programs such as Social Security and Medicare.

Employee stock ownership plan

Their competitive compensation programs are designed to attract and inspire great people and reward their best performers.

Balance of work and life

To help you balance your work life and personal life, they provide a competitive package of free time benefits that include:

Vacation, Paid holidays, Jury duty pay, Mourning License. In addition to their salaries and benefits, they have other programs to help promote your and your family’s well-being: Long-term care insurance, Educational assistance plan, matching gifts program, International youth exchange program, Among others that you can check out at the company’s web site.

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