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How to apply at Cardinal Health

The best way to apply for a job with Cardinal Health is through their Web site. This is the fastest way to send your resume and qualifications to their recruitment team. Once that has been applied online, you should receive an email confirmation acknowledging receipt of your request. If you are selected for a position, a hiring manager will get in touch with you to discuss how to proceed.

You can follow the URL below directly to their site:

But before you do, these are some additional tips to complete your application:

Apply for a specific position. While completing your profile is a first step, you haven’t formally requested a position until you’ve selected a specific job. Check their web site for more details about their job types and job titles

Indicate your preferred method of communication – email, phone or standard mail. This ensures that their recruiters are able to communicate with you.

Write to their team of human resources for assistance with the online application. Due to the volume of requests, inquiries on the status of positions will not be returned.

Sign up to receive work notifications. New job opportunities that match your professional interests will be sent to you.

Once you have limited your job search, please review the job description in detail to determine the necessary qualifications for each position. Qualifications will display a list of requirements to be considered for that specific job such as: education, years of experience, and abilities.

Why Cardinal Health?

At Cardinal Health, the company helps you make health care more cost-efficient so their clients can concentrate on their patients. A career with them provides an opportunity to join a global company, growing genuinely committed to making a difference for their customers and their communities.

Their values and leadership Essentials

The company’s values are the basis of what it is and what they believe. The essence of leadership in their values and expectations and specific behavioral competencies. Working together to describe their culture and set expectations.

The company is tenacious in the fulfillment of their commitments to customers. They are responsible for high performance and one to the other. They are resourceful and adaptable.

They bring a sense of optimism, enthusiasm and competitive spirit to their work. They are genuine, open, direct, and respectful. They can be confident in doing the right thing. They are inclusive and work together with confidence.

What is essential to its leadership is:

Think and act strategically

Has a broad perspective of the company

Attracts, develops and retains talent

Is aspirational and safe

Is an influential leader

Has personal courage and is resistant

Willing to roll up their sleeves

Customer-centric approach with profound knowledge

Builds strong relationships, encourages teamwork and develops others

A true leader that focuses on doing the right things.

The company’s work

They think about themselves as the business behind health because they are focusing on making it more cost-effective. They work with pharmacies, hospitals, clinics, surgery centers and clinical laboratories – basically in any health professional services offered. They are an essential link that allows healthcare providers to reduce costs, improve operations and increase the quality, so they can provide better care to their patients.

This company is a Fortune 19 company that improves the cost-effectiveness of the medical care. As the business behind health care, the company aids pharmacies, hospitals and ambulatory care sites focus on the patient while reducing costs, improving quality and efficiency and increasing profitability.

The company’s commitment

At the company, they work around the broad spectrum of medical care to help healthcare more cost-effective. To do this requires inclusion. They must strive to reflect the diversity of the industry, their customers and the communities the company serves. The company must create an environment where all of their people can work together with trust and faith; an environment where no matter what their background, employees will be supported for doing their best effort. This is a business necessity that will allow you to continue to attract and retain the most talented people and to provide meaningful solutions to their customers as they work together to improve the profitability of the health system.

The company’s history

The company has its start in 1971 when Robert D. Walter, its founder, opened a small distribution center in Columbus, Ohio. In less than a decade, the food appointed by the then Cardinal Foods became a successful regional distributor of food before branching out in pharmaceutical distribution in 1979. That was the year of the company acquired a drug distributor from Zanesville, Ohio, and came to be known as Cardinal Distribution.

In 1983, Cardinal Health went public and, in the next decade, expanded its pharmaceutical distribution of rapid growth with the acquisition of U.S. drug dealers, more than a dozen. In 1987, a year before selling its segment of food distribution, pharmaceutical distribution companies of Cardinal Health had become almost twice the size of their food distribution business.

In the next few years, Cardinal Health grew rapidly, and revenues exceeded $1 biillion in 1991. In 1994, Cardinal Health had been established as a leading company in the business of distribution of drugs with a presence at the national level and annual revenues of approximately $6 billion.

Since then, Cardinal Health has evolved more, serving health care manufacturers and patient care providers around the globe. Acquisitions of the company include Pyxis Corp in automated supply and pharmacy dispensing; Owen Healthcare in management of hospital pharmacy, medicine Shoppe International in pharmacy franchising; Bergen Brunswig in medical-surgical distribution to hospitals and care continuum; and Bindley Western in the distribution of pharmaceutical products among others.

Today, the company provides an integrated offering innovative products and services to help health care providers meet the growth challenges in a dynamic industry. The company provides multinational medical care industry services that applies to the vast resources, knowledge and experience to help health care manufacturers and patient care providers meet their most pressing challenges, while providing the best and most secure delivery of care.

 Their people

Every person at the company matters, and they are proud to offer an inclusive work environment for their employees.  Everyone is offered development, well-being and opportunities to improve their skills, expand their knowledge and achieve a healthy lifestyle while pursuing a career in this company.

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