Cisco Application

With headquarters in San Jose, California, Cisco Systems, Inc. , designs and markets services and networking and communications technology. The company, launched in 1984, is aimed at business markets, education, government and home.

Cisco Systems Corporation:

The company is a large company that produces computer networking services and products. The Linksys consumer networking products is also a wholly owned subsidiary of this company.

Cisco routers

The company is undoubtedly best known for its line of routers. These products start from basic consumer routers under the Linksys brand of high-end routers that help form the backbone of the Internet. In addition to routers, the company produces many other types of equipment for VPN networks, storage, and videoconferencing systems.

Certifications of Cisco network:

Certification program of Cisco network is recognized worldwide. Certifications include popular Cisco CCNA, CCNP and CCIE. These programs are intended to recognize the knowledge and experience in computing, networking, particularly in routing and switching. Students and Professionals can try to take certifications from Cisco Systems to improve their skills and employability.

Cisco Press ( titles public study of certification and other reference books for Cisco Systems.

Cisco products:

While the first product, of this company, was a multi-protocol router, it has a much broader range of products and services today. Products are grouped under a number of categories:

Network systems: network management, switches, optical networks, routers.

Collaboration Products: WebEx software, telepresence audio/video conferencing, universal gateways and access servers.

Security Products: physical security and systems construction, virtual private networks, firewalls, security management.

The offerings in the data center: implementation of networks of services, storage networks, switches center and data sheet.

Wireless mobility products: wireless access to the outdoors, service exchange, points, drivers of wireless local area network.

This company’s position in the market and achievements:

The company has received a number of awards for best practices given by The Service & Support Professionals Association, including the 2009 Best Online Community and Best Online Support awards. The company was recognized for a number of its local-language support websites with the 2008/2009 Best International Web Support Sites award by The Localization Industry Standards Association of Support Professionals.

Job Opportunities at this company:

The company is typically in the search for individuals with a background in the systems engineering fields, hardware and software. The desired skills and experience can include security, routing and switching, design of the network platform, technical advice, high-speed digital design, simulation of logic, or hardware testing and certification, Depending on the position. The possibility of traveling also sometimes appears as a requirement.

If Cisco Systems is starting to sound like a place you’d really love to work at then follow the URL below to the company’s website and apply online today:

Tips on how to apply for positions at the company:

For some technical positions that require interaction with customers, the company wants to see knowledge of competitive products and some experience in presales support, so if you have this on your side, make sure to emphasize it in your cover letter/resume when applying. Oral and written skills of communication and team work also often appear as requirements, especially in technical leadership positions, so you should mention it in your application as well.

To apply for a position in the company’s web site, click “Apply” at the bottom of the work posting.

Recruitment Process explained

The recruitment process begins with your application. If you already know that the company is the place for you, navigate through their web site looking for open positions and apply. If you wish you can accelerate your search by job category or location. When you are ready, click “Apply” and fill in your user account.

Want to know more? Meet with them in events organized by Universities. The company is involved in a series of activities on campus, including career fairs, information sessions, office hours, the club’s activities and much more. In the event that they are not visiting a campus near you, the company uses their own WebEx technology to host virtual events. You can also find them by participating in a variety of conferences of national and regional diversity.

Recruitment Process Steps

Although the details may vary from position, here are some suggestions for the applying and interviewing for jobs in this company.

The recruitment process begins with your application. Navigate through the open positions, select the title of the position and click the button “find locations”.  It is necessary to create an account followed by a profile if you have not done so already. Your curriculum vitae and profile can now be seen for its consideration by the recruitment team. Some positions have required prior evaluations. In order for your application to be complete you must fill out this evaluation.


The selection process varies from region to region and the position. The company has a on the campus strategy, which is active and robust, where they are recruiting students from targeted universities. The recruitment team will contact the online applicants that meet their minimum requirements for the position based on the current demand for requisition and where they are in the university enrollment cycle. In addition to recruitment activities on campus the company will select and interview with the online applicant’s via WebEx, onsite and telepresence.


The final decisions are a collective effort to gather all the comments that came from the interview. If you were selected for an offer you will be contacted by a recruiter with respect to the next steps.


To start the process of the offer the recruitment team will come to you with the details of the offer by telephone. They will send your offer electronically and your offer term is typically dependent on your school guidelines and recommendations.

In this company customers come first and are an integral part of their DNA is creating lasting customer partnerships and work with them to identify their needs and offer solutions that support their success.

The concept of solutions being used to address specific customer challenges has been with the company since its inception. Husband and wife, who were working for Stanford University, wanted to email each other of their respective offices located in different buildings, but could not due to technological deficiencies. A technology had to be created to deal with the disparate local area protocols; and as a result of solving their challenge – the multi-protocol router was born.

Since then the company has shaped the future of the Internet through the creation of an unprecedented value and opportunity for its customers, employees, investors and partners in the ecosystem and has become the world leader in networking – transformation of how people connect, communicate and collaborate.



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