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Facts You Need To Know About Working at Coach

coach jobapplicationformLeather is something that is very edgy and elegant, it has a very authentic aura about it. In today’s day and age, people love wearing anything made out of leather, and even in the 20th century, it was a big hit. People love it because it separates them from the crowd. And celebrities play a huge role to make leather as a clothing garment too. Earlier it was popularly used for handbags and luggage, but now it has gone from shoes to watches and even eye gears. Imagine how stylish one would look in a pair of leather glasses. Clearly if you wear a leather eye glass, no one can associate the word “geek” with you! That’s one way of looking at it, as much as it does put forward a style statement, it also introduces a new art and a new creative field. Coach came into the industry with this new innovation of incorporating leather with absolutely everything cool they could think of.

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Coach began in a loft in Manhattan during the year 1941, with just six artisans who created a collection of leather goods using their bare hands. Coach became popular and being well-renowned even mentioned to as one of the finest designers in America. Coach both produces and markets their high quality accessories and stuff which are ideal gifts for everyone regardless of the gender. It sells different accessories, watches, eye-wears, cases and their special goods made of leather such as their handbags and foot-wears.

During the holidays, if someone googles coach online, they could actually buy all of their family and friend’s gifts at this one place alone. As they have different type of products available and all of them are stylish, so you can rest be assured that the gifts would be liked. The anxiety of giving gifts is terrible and if you know that all your efforts would be paid off and they would like the gift, it all becomes worthwhile.

Company Growth

At present, more than 400 retail branches are available across Canada and United States, and more branches being added each year. The brand is widely available in more than 900 department stores and over 300 international locations. They are certainly doing everything they can possibly do to expand their horizons and they are trying to give their services with efforts and sincerity.

However, the headquarters is still in Manhattan, New York, the original setting of Coach. So all the New Yorkers should get the best of this advantage and buy all their Christmas gifts from there.

They are earning an annual sales of approximately $3 billion and has approximately more or less 13,000 workers. They do accept workers on both par-time and full-time basis. If you love fashion niche in general and want to do something in this niche in the future, try your luck today. Some additional experience on a renowned fashion brand will surely come in handy in your resume, so this is the perfect chance for you! Go to the website and apply online. Simple enough!

Tips for the Applicants

For someone who is a fashionista them-self would love the working environment of them. They work with possibly the finest and most elegant garment there could be, “leather”. Leather jacket, and pants were earlier stood for cow-boys and bikers only, but now it is safe to say that everyone is contaminated by it and they love every now and then to dress in pure leather and flaunt in their glory. On top of that, when you have leather eye-gear, it goes off to a whole new level. Also the shoes that the company makes are fabulous. It is eye glaring and every girl loves them.

It is one of the leading companies in the American fashion world that is why it will be handy if you have some experience before applying for any job there. And if you do have work experience and you are 18 year old or above, you are surely qualified to apply.

Usually, the wanted positions are merchandise handler and the sales associate. For those who have beyond little experience, the said jobs will be a good way to earn decent money and start your journey in the fashion industry.

Hiring will gain lots of customer service experience in order to help them in their future careers and employment. A single recommendation letter from this brand it-self would set your career start. Also they working environment is rather flexible even as a newbie in the team. You will not feel like someone who just joined, the team is there to make it seem like you are one of them. After being a part of the company for a short while, or if you have had massive retail experience, you may apply for higher positions like assistant manager, key holder or manager. These positions will help you in gaining fashion and selling experience and will make a huge difference in your resume for future uses. Employees with the said positions could even get some benefits package. The benefit packages are not the traditional kind, there are some new twists available as well. Since it is a fashion industry, everything works differently and more interestingly.

For instance, if you are a college student and can’t pay for your dance classes, but traditional jobs, such as being a waitress and cleaner at the car wash doesn’t really suit you, this job is absolutely different from those. This job would not only help you earn some extra money, in addition it would give you a wonderful way to learn more and more about fashion. It would also help you be fashionable in a very funky and yet elegant way because of the authenticity of the brand.

So have a jump start in the work field, and flaunt your skills of fashion. This is an amazing opportunity for the fashionistas and the ones that love fashion in general. Coach is always waiting to hire some new employees. All it takes to start your fashion and retail career is filling out Coach’s online application! And it’s totally hassle-free!


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