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comcast jobapplicationformOn asking about telecommunications companies worldwide, Comcast is the name which rules over all the companies. Comcast Company was originally based in Mississippi with its business focused on only few niches. Talking about its business then, they are basically a telecommunications company that specializes in broadcasting services. They are considered as one of the largest internet service providers in the country and it is ranked on third number from the whole nation in case of providing telephone services. Its offices operate in more than 38 states and provide internet and cable services to the residents as well as professional companies. It also provides home security services (such as burglar alarms, fire alarms, surveillance cameras or other means) in some areas.   It’s not only responsible for providing cable, internet and telephone services but in fact holds a major share in a number of television networks (including NBC universal, E!, G4, Versus and the Golf channel) and film studios such as universal pictures and universal parks & resorts.

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Comcast branched out from Mississippi for expanding the business network worldwide. For serving this purpose Comcast started its company in Tupelo, MS in 1963. Over the number of years, Comcast has now become a publicly held company and its shares are traded on NASDAQ stock under the symbols of CMCSA and CMCSK. However its headquarters are now in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Job Opportunities

Comcast on one side has provide so many services to the peoples while on the other side it has also opened doors for employment to many people. In addition, It has been ranked as ‘the top places to work in’ in the nation. If you are an enthusiastic individual who can provide good quality service with a smile, they have a job opportunity for you. They have provided so much options and leniency in terms of providing jobs. The one reason of them being so popular and productive is their flexibility. They are not some uptight company that would make their employees work 24/7, although they do give their services 24/7 without any hassle. What they do is make sure all the shifts are covered and all the customers are getting 100% services without stretching out the employees nerves so much.

You can have your choice of flexible working hours, and a stream of steady work load, it’s only just a click away. How wonderful would it be to work with a renowned company and also have the scope of choosing your own work-load? They do not ask for your 24 hours in a day, all they ask is how ever little or more time you give them, you contribute that time fully and work with honesty and sincerity. Most of the jobs offered are at an entry level and you can only grow along with the company. For this you don’t need to be highly qualified or highly experienced instead you only need minimal qualifications. For serving this purpose, switch on to our website and fill our online job application and step on to the ladder of success. Comcast is seeking for new talent and right now looking for individuals to fill positions for customer service representatives, sales associates or for other appropriate services. Both these jobs are ideal for beginners who don’t have any experience yet or are looking for some experience. They require a minimal qualification and are vacant in all branches across US. So the ones that are looking for a part-time job to pay the rent or for their new smart phone, be it any cause, this is the perfect opportunity to earn a stable income and have experience along the way. Since they are not looking for experience, they would give you experience in return and the bonus would be the cash after each month.

The call centers at Comcast are quite flexible and are open for 24 hours and 7 days a week, so we need to hire workers to take in calls and provide friendly and timely customer service all the time. Not only this, but there are also certain managerial positions in some of the branch offices in certain areas.

In addition to the above given jobs, there are also jobs available for field technicians so the qualified person can apply for this job for having experience with our company. Non-experienced employees should not worry about anything as all the newly hired people are provided on the job training and only need minimal qualifications.

Benefits for Employees

The benefits are something that we all want and regardless of the job we are doing, the bigger the list of benefits are, the happier and excited we are about the work. This company provides job opportunities as well as additional benefits to its employees, like, there are various employment perks available once you join the team. If you are a Qualified associate then you can avail more then 401 (k) retirement plan, medical and dental insurance, and you can also take paid vacations and a lot more benefits. Not all the job can offer all these facilities at once. For instance, not many companies would be able to give you medical and dental insurance, also the retirement plan and the paid vacation! Now this seems like a perfect plan!

No matter what job you decide on, there are a whole lot of opportunities awaiting you at Comcast. There are employment opportunities available across the country. They are renowned and they are well organized. The good thing about a well organized country is that they do not commit to petty things and waste their time, rather they try and resolve blunders as soon as they possibly can and move forward to get a better output achieved. Another good thing about moving forward with a well renowned company is the recommendation letter in future which would come very handy when you apply to similar jobs. Your dream job is only a click away. Try them today and make sure that you are as much dedicated as they are about their job.



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  1. Ryan says:

    As with any other S&P 500 company I think it is useful to know whether there are any liabilities towards employee claims in respect of labor laws and other relevant areas, or not. Obviously this will help me to determine if this company has a great track record. For example, if there are ex employees who’s lawyers have sued the company, then clearly it’s not for me, but if it’s not the case, I’d be more happy to apply to them. If anyone has legal information like this or references to any known cases. Off course I hope the company turns out to be a good choice to work for.