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After 160 years of growth, Comerica Bank yet persists in the market with a strong ground. It is surprising to see how a company can persist with such a strong hold of the market for so long! The bank will still surprise you with its provision of efficient and quality service, just like it had provided you in the past. It just grew bigger and better with time.

So, what actually makes Comerica Bank grow? Comerica Bank has two strong weapons: ‘its experience’ and ‘the people working in the organization’. The company strongly believes that the people working in the organization can make a difference, and hence, provide them with various facilities in order to reward their hard work and dedication. Comerica had always recognized its manpower for their sustaining success. It had this one weapon with which it intended to grow bigger, but with time, the reputed bank had gained enough experience of how to act in certain situation of crisis, how to learn from the mistakes they have made earlier and so on! The bank, hence, utilized this experience to grow further. This is why this old gigantic company can put a strong fight in the market and win over its’ competitors.

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Growth of Comerica

Currently, Comerica Bank operates in more the 200 locations with 484 offices. It’s headquarters in situated in Dallas, Texas. Apart from Texas, it operates in Arizona, California, Florida, Michigan, Canada and Mexico. It has achieved and enjoys the title of being ‘among the 25 largest U.S banking companies’, which is located in seven largest U.S. cities.

You can think of it as ‘the ultimate powerhouse’ of the retail banking industry! The reputed bank had earned countless honors and awards for its hard-earned success. Such awards include the title of ‘America’s top 50 community minded companies in 2012’, ‘2012’s best place to work in IT’, “Diversity Inc.: Top Regional Companies for Diversity in 2012’ (ranked third) and so on. Honors from countless magazines, surveys were always achieved by Comerica. Being a part of this company in anyway, can only boost your pride!

Working at Comerica

The people working in Comerica are considered as ‘real priceless treasures’. They promote themselves saying, ‘at Comerica, it’s all about you’. It is open to your ideas, and let you grow with the knowledge of experience you have gained. In a sense, it gives you the opportunity to grow, and it’s up to you what you can make up from it. One principle that Comerica had always followed from the day it was founded is ‘learning more by utilizing your knowledge from the

experience gained’. The company expects the employees to follow that same rule and hence, gives them the full opportunity to share their ideas and enhance their work experience further.

With award-winning culture within the organization, Comerica Bank provides you with a great working atmosphere with standard competitive base pay. Apart from this, dedicated employees enjoy benefits like employment perks, such as healthcare coverage, like vision, dental, and medical, 401(k) retirement plans, paid time off, insurance plan, tuition assistance program, employee assistance programs, and other comprehensive packages. Being employed at this organization can be a small step to the big success you always yearned for!

Tips for the Applicants

If you think applying to this gigantic organization is a place for experienced people only, think again! Because it’s simple than you have ever imagined! All you need is to apply online on the official website and fill out the job application form. Interested applicants are requested to visit the website for job openings for entry-level and corporate-level jobs. However, the process is much simpler for an entry-level candidate, as you are learning everything from the scratch and that too from a gigantic reputed organization. Starting your career here as an entry-level candidate would help you build a strong resume as well.

Comerica Bank has some jobs that are always open for applicants e.g. the positions of bank tellers and customer representatives. Plus, positions like loan officer and bank management positions exist in some areas. If you are interested in starting your career at Comerica, you are advised to keep an eye on the official website. Once you get the job position you are looking for, apply online with a job application form. This organization, being technologically advanced, takes applications via online only: no hardcopies of such are accepted. However, you are advised to check the terms and conditions before you apply to make sure that you are not violating any such terms that the company abide by like the minimum age requirements and so on. If so, your application would be rejected! Plus, you are advised to go through your job description carefully, so that you can check whether you agree with conditions the company has set for the job e.g. the working hours, job roles, locations, salary range, educational qualifications and so on. The hiring process generally takes two to three weeks, along with the interview involved, in order to select the better from the best. Note that Comerica takes a thorough look to your previous job experience, while setting pay rates for the rightful candidate.

Why Comerica

According to our research, Comerica bank had always welcomed change and provided their employees with huge job opportunities. Employees of this organization are highly satisfied with the benefits, cultures, work environment, but do have a small complain about shorter breaks as per the job experience review comments in the website. Overall, it is an excellent place to work for if you consider the provision of benefits and good working conditions are necessary!

Comerica Bank can be your ideal career path that can lead you to your success, giving you a reputed job experience, salary and benefits that you deserve. If you are interested, apply for job via online today as there is no better place to work for than Comerica Bank! It comes with a golden opportunity; my advice to you is ‘grab the offer when you get a chance and become a part of the ultimate powerhouse called ‘Comerica’!


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