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Important Information

Among all the retailer companies in the United States Costco wholesale Corporation is the 5th in size and no. 1 among the warehouses considering its number of members. There number of workers presently working at the company is about 92,000. The company reports more than $80 billion as yearly revenue. It has its outlets in U.S., Australia, Taiwan, Japan, U.K., Mexico, South Korea and Canada. This retailer company targets big business and families as the company sells its goods at minimum prices and in larger volumes. The company, however, offers a minimum number of brands; therefore, it aims at obtaining large sales from individual vendors and passes the savings to their customers.

A wide variety of products and services are offered by the this department chain stores. The company supplies freshly produced dairy and baked goods, meat, sea-food. The stores also contain home electronics and appliances, furniture, clothing, flowers and books. The stores also provide with pharmaceutical goods, auto-mobile garages, optometrists, photo studios, hearing aid centers and gas stations. Costco offers a variety of goods at low prices only to its members and members’ guests. But the one year membership should be acquired beforehand.

To be a member of the Costco staff one must distinguish themselves from others by projecting their confidence and assertiveness. Recruiting managers asks some common questions at the interview, such as experience, current job status, availability, education and particular skills. In general entry-level posts at Costco are frequently available for hire. Most desirable jobs in this company cover stock, warehouse, cashier, and food service assistant positions. Managerial positions and careers in administration are also open for hire to qualified applicants besides the entry-level posts.

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Job Description and Salary Information

Costco invites both the part-time opportunists and full-time professionals to apply. The company often hires entry-level workers and full-time careerists alike. To collect immediate hiring consideration with this company one must apply online. Complete the online employment application form and find out now available jobs. Recently the following posts are open for hire:

Cashier / Front End Associate– The primary job of a cashier and front end associate is to help customers with their final purchases. Their responsibility covers dealing with cash, attending to customers’ questions, wrangling carts and managing other tasks. The average starting wage of a cashier and front end employee is between 10 and 11 dollar per hour. Look at the Costco cashier job description for details.

Stock Associate- Duties of a stock associate is to keep the product displays neat and clean, filled, and free of expired goods. They also keep the shelves spotless, arrange and stock the shelves and do other things if necessary. The average wage of a stock associate is between 11 and 12 dollar per hour. You will find more information about the stock association job on their website.

Management– There are assistant store manager, store manager, membership manager, desk supervisor, department manager, and merchandise manager in a managerial team. Responsibilities of managers include daily store operations, hiring new employees, scheduling workers, and training associates. Regarding the job title, previous experience, and department of operations a regular manager earns between 30,000 and 110,000 dollar. For more details read the Costco manager job description.

Costco also offers several vacant positions as specialized retail jobs as well as corporate positions. Retail work posts cover the positions of pharmacist and pharmacy technician, baker and cake decorator, butcher, loss minimizing professional, station assistant and forklift driver. Company is also in need of corporate careers to fill posts like administrative assistant, customer service associate, and other administrative positions. Apply online to accept employment consideration  now.

Costco Staff Rewards

Costco provides with several rewarding employment benefits to its staff. The entry-level staff are provide with adjustable time-table, professional career training and market- competitive salary. Professional staff are provide with several extra-work rewards, covering medical and well-being benefits, future oriented and extra employment benefits.

Health and wellness rewards cover medical, dental, and vision insurance as well as in-house pharmacy programs. Under future planning schemes qualified workers enjoy 401(k) retirement plans as well as life and disability insurance. Additional employment rewards contain the Care Network employee assistance program and dependent care assistance plans.


Costco was originally started at Seattle, WA, in 1983. Both the founders James Sinegal and Jeffrey Brotman brought substantial experience of the retail industry to this business. In 1993 it started joint ventures with Price Club Retail Empire and made it twice as large. In 1997 it out grew and cut off the name of Price club. Costco now hosts the largest number of members as a warehouse retailer and is in competition with big names like BJ’s Wholesale and Sam’s Club.

Special Facilities

Costco stores holds out a number of specialized retail services to members, however, it offers a variety of other services not common in a retail store as well. Pharmacy and photography services are available at their stores. There are also electronic and clearing agents, wine and other food items available in these stores. Various  warehouses provide with investment brokerage services and travel services, too. Some other stores even hold out to automobile sales and insurance services for homes and automobiles. In general a full food court with a number of quick-service eateries are available at every stores. Costco products are available in company’s online retail site as well.

Community Participation

Costco also turns back to the communities helping its business. It funds for programs that are related to child welfare, medical services and education based. Particular Costco warehouses receives written requests from 501(c)(3) organizations and often donates funds to community services.  Regional offices also help a number of local charity organizations. Costco awards are granted to societies working for community development, but the company frequently donates to charitable organizations and programs influencing the localities its staff live and work in.


Costco is very earnest in improving company sustainability and help reducing environmental consequences. In California and Hawaii various Costco stores operate with roof-top solar arrays. To decrease energy and water usage it installs energy saving lighting and water conserving plumbing in its warehouses. The company also takes care of recycling products and minimizing waste in all its offices round the globe.


Costco runs a round-the-glob retail network with about 600 local stores. Apart from the U.S. stores are available in Canada, Mexico, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Australia, and the U.K. More than 150 Costco stores are available outside the U.S. Most of Costco’s international outlets are in North America; more than 110 of these stands between Canada and Mexico.


All around the world more than 570 retail Costco warehouse stores are in operation. Around 410 of these warehouses do business in the U.S. Costco stands as a publicly-traded company and is listed under stock ticker COST on the NASDAQ stock exchange. It was enlisted as no. 25 on the 2010 Fortune 500 list. The average revenues Costco reports every year are nearly 70 billion dollar and preserves over 1 billion dollar in operating income. Costco staff consists of over 145,000 worldwide employees. The company’s corporate headquarters are situated at Issaquah, WA.

Minimum Age: Minimum Age limit for employees: 18 years old

Working Hours: Mon-Fri: 10:00am-8:30pm; Sat: 9:30am-6:00pm; Sun: 10:00am-6:00pm

Vacant Positions: Customer Service Representative, Sales Associate, Cashier, Cashier Assistant, Baker, Cake Decorator, Sanitation Assistant, Food Service Assistant, Maintenance Assistant, Skilled Maintenance Technician, Membership Assistant, Membership Refund Cashier, Meat Cutter, Forklift Driver, Stocker, Receiving Appointment Clerk, Optical Sales Assistant, Pharmacy Technician, Pharmacist, Photo Lab Assistant, Photo Lab Clerk, Print Shop Assistant, Inventory Clerk, Payroll Clerk, Truck Driver, Order Picker, Hair Technician, Hair Stylist, Nail Technician


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