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Job Opportunities at Dean & DeLuca

Dean & DeLuca jobapplicationformWorking in a grocery can one of the best jobs around the world to people who love to mingle and deeply understand the score of customer care. If you are one of those persons that really enjoy working in a grocery and you are looking for a job then Dean & DeLuca could offer you an exciting job. Fortunately, you are lucky as this article will tell you everything you need to know about the opportunities at Dean & DeLuca and how you can apply for them.

Facts about Dean & DeLuca

Dean  & DeLuca operates a chain of grocery stores in the US and some other parts of the world.It would be fair to say Dean & Deluca is an international upscale grocery stores operator. Dean  & DeLuca has been in the business for several decades as it was founded by Joel Dean, Jack Ceglic and Giorgio DeLuca in 1977. It has spread its wings to other countries like Japan, Dubai, Korea, Turkey, and Qatar. There is still more to come.

What does Dean & DeLuca specialize in?

Dean & DeLuca was founded with the quest to offer the finest specialized foods in the culinary world. It perfected that niche and moved forth to conquer other niches by offering, high premium wines, upscale kitchen ware and many more items found in their branches. Dean&DeLuca also offers catering services to different occasions, Due to their years of experience in gourmet retailer, Dean & Deluca also offers cookbooks on how to cool different foods to perfection. They also offer Quality products on their grocery stores and supermarkets at very reasonable prices.

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How does Dean & DeLuca operate?

Dean & DeLuca operate daily from 6:30am to 10:00pm. It is also worth noting that Dean & DeLuca offers you the opportunity to either work for them on a full-time basis or a part-time basis. This is a good gesture as you could look for an entry-level job while you are still schooling and after you clear with your studies you apply for a professional job. This shows clearly that this business offers you a chance to grow.

What are the Qualifications to work at Dean & DeLuca?

To be considered to work at Dean & DeLuca you must be 18 years of age and above. There are some entry-level jobs that require no prior experience. If you apply for the entry-level jobs and you get hired you will receive some basic training after which you will be able to start working.

There are some professional jobs you can apply at Dean and DeLuca. To qualify for this type of Jobs relevant qualifications are needed accompanied by relevant document or certificates to the effect of ascertaining qualification. Relevant experience is also needed in order to qualify for the professional jobs at Dean & DeLuca.

Dean & DeLuca looks for highly motivational individuals. These individual have to also be talented and are able to work productively under minimum supervision.

What are the entry-level jobs and their responsibility?

Sales associates- This are the guys who help the customers inside the Dean & Deluca stores. In case a customer has any question regarding a certain product the sales associates help the customers out. It’s required that you be friendly and neat at all times to qualify.

Cashier- they are responsible for billing the customer’spurchases. They have to always be in a jovial mood. Smiling is the top ingredient for this position.

Stocker- the stockers are the guys responsible with stocking the shelves. Every time a customer picks an goods and the shelves are dust free.

Culinary Workers- they are the trainees and mostly do any jobs directed towards them by the management.

What are the professional and their responsibilities?

Dean& DeLuca offers you a chance to grow your professional expertise at their different branches around the world. There are several professional Jobs you can land Dean & Deluca, they include:


1) Administration– Despite having your academic credentials theadministrator has to be a highly motivated person as their roles arerequired all over the branch. Theirroles include organizing and making sure everything runs smoothly at Dean & DeLuca.

2) Management- This include the managers and the assistant managers plus the supervisors. Despite their relevant qualifications this guys also need to have strong leadership and organizational expertise. Their reasonability lies in managing their junior staff, making sure that everyone is at his/her work station and making sure that everything runs smoothly in the branches they head.

3) Marketing- These are the guys tasked with the job of selling out the company’s image. Despite their qualification, these guyshave also to be aggressive and deeply creative to ensure they remain on that docket. Their key role is to organize the advertisement for Dean & DeLuca

Other jobs at Dean & DeLuca

There are other jobs you can apply at Dean& DeLuca. If you have not found any job that captures your interest, here are other jobs you can apply online and still be considered:

Grocery clerk- they are the persons responsible of making sure that everything runs smoothly at the grocery outlets. The position requires the occupant for this position to have administrative quality in order to perform his duties effectively.

Counter associates- They are the person’s in charge of the counters at every Dean & DeLuca stores. They help the customers who are buying at the counter. This persons need to be friendly at all times. Smiling is an added advantage for this post

Barista- this are the guys that are responsible for the activities that take place at the coffee shop. They are responsible for preparing the coffee and serving the customers at the Dean &DeLucas coffee shop.

Other jobs include: candy associate, gourmet food prep associate, gourmet production baker line cook, Purchase order administration, and a wine specialist

Why work at Dean & DeLuca?

To begin with you can apply for any of the above online all you need is to fill the Dean & DeLuca Application form and you will be considered. Other Benefits include:

  • Paid training
  • competitive salaries
  • healthcare insurance
  • paid time off
  • retirement plans


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