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Employment opportunities at Dillard’s

Retail industry is an industry that many dream of joining. If you happen to be one of the persons wishing to be part of this industry, then Dillard’s is a good choice for you. It is one of the top stores dealing in classy items ranging from clothing’s to shoes. How big is Dillard’s? Well Dillard’s cannot be placed in the same category as small stores. It is big; it has 330 stores located in 29 states. This only means that there is a chance for you to work closer to your home. By applying at Dillard’s you get into a world of different career opportunities majorly in sales or management. Either of these is a good way to start your retail career now.

Online Job Application

Dillard has an online job application form which makes it easier for interested individuals to apply for the available positions. The first place to go to, when looking for a online application form is company’s website. Here goes their official website www.dillards.com

When on the website, look for ‘careers’ section which is at the bottom of the page. By clicking on the link you will then be directed to a new page which allows you to select the state you would like to apply to. You also have an option of selecting the store from the list of stores.

Monster.com is another site where you are able to access their online application form by following their careers link. Dillard lists its available positions on Monster.com. Remember that you have to be 18 years of age to fill out their employment application.

Dillard’s working hours

Hours of operation are very important for anyone intending to join an organization. It is the only way you are able to judge for yourself if you will fit in when employed. Working hours are very friendly though varied from location to location. The general working hours are from 10:00am to 9:00pm from Monday to Saturday. For the stores that open on Sundays working hours are shorter, from 12:00pm to 6:00pm.

Entry level careers at Dillard

Getting an entry level position at is a great opportunity. You can get any of the entry level jobs by filling out a online application form now. The entry level positions that you are likely to get are sales associate, sales specialist and sales representative. As a sales associate you will be expected to help customers on the floor of the department store and ensure that all the price tags are neatly placed. A sales specialist is responsible for setting targets and ensuring that the sales targets are met. This job can be challenging but also interesting for one who is focused. Sales representative is another interesting entry level position. In this position your job will be to advertise and sell the stores products to customers. For entry level positions you may expect to earn $10 to $12 which is dependent on experience.

Careers in Management

If you have been in the retail industry and have the necessary requirements to work in a management position, there are management positions which you can apply for by filling a online application form. Positions in management require more than experience. It is also necessary to have academic qualifications. Some of the management positions include sales manager, general manager, area sales manager and assistant buyer.  All these positions come with lots of responsibilities.  Managers are expected to ensure that everything runs smoothly in their stores and profits made, remuneration for these positions range from $22,000 to $40,000 per year. Just like entry level positions, the pay depends on the level of experience one has.

How to apply at Dillard’s

Applying at Dillard’s can be very tricky for anyone who is new in the retail industry. Unlike other companies in the retail industry, it is not easy to locate Dillard’s application form. The easiest way to locate the form is by visiting the website. This is possible when the right keywords are used when performing a search online. Words like ‘Dillard’s application’ can be helpful. When making an application always ensure that you indicate the experience and qualifications you have in the industry.

Not all positions are the same and therefore the requirements also differ, however to be in a better position of being hired, you will need to include a resume when filling your online application. Some positions require that you also include a cover letter. A cover letter is an opportunity to market yourself and so do not forget to mention your previous work experiences.

Dillard’s employee benefits

Have you been looking for reasons why you should work for Dillard’s? Well there lots of reasons why you should be filling out your application form now. Dillard’s as a company is generous to all its employees. At Dillard’s you get to be included in a discount program which enables you to shop for the quality merchandise that is sold in the stores at a reduced price. This is not all; you also get health insurance, paid vacation, dental coverage and more.

Facts about Dillard’s

When going for an interview, you need to stand out. This means that knowing some facts about the company is not an option for you. In case your application is selected and you are called in for an interview, here are some facts you need to know.

  • The first Dillard’s department store was established in Arkansas in 1938 by William T. Dillard himself.
  • Corporate headquarters is located in Little rock, Arkansas.
  • Contrary to common notion that family members run the company, very few directors and top executives come from Dillard’s family.
  • It was first listed in the stock market in 1969.
  • Dillard was an astute business man and was therefore able to ensure the rapid growth of the department stores. he was able to buy local chains and branding them as Dillard’s stores in 1980’s
  • In 2004 it introduced Dillard’s store credit card. Today this card can be used by customers at any other retailer stores that use American Express
  • Despite sustainable growth and success, it has also been hit by the poor economy. It was forced to close down Dillard’s Travel in 2008.
  • Up to date Dillard’s is still expanding and opening up more stores.


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