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Dow Jones & Company is a US public financial information company. It was founded in 1882 by three journalists: Charles Henry Dow, Edward David Jones, and Charles Milford Bergstresser. During the course of that same year they began to publish a two sheet financial bulletin called: “The Customer’s Afternoon Letter”, that would be the precursor of the famous economic newspaper. The bulletin publicly displayed share prices and the economic balance sheets of publicly traded companies, information which until then was only available to people close to the companies.The Wall Street Journal was published for the first time on 8 July 1889.

Jobs in Technology

Help Dow Jones revolutionize digital media. If you are a self-starter who is energized by new challenges and you enjoy having a feeling of accomplishment, you’ll love working with dynamic people in a highly collaborative team environment. If this is something that interests you the fiancial infromation company wants to talk to you.

Dow Jones is currently hiring technologists that “get things done” with all levels of experience to help reinvent the way to develop products and provide the best in class digital solutions to all our customers.

The Company is renowned for having best journalists and the most extensive set of content from all over the world. They are looking for versatile software, infrastructure and security engineers to join their team and be a part of their constantly evolving technology department of. This is an opportunity to act as agents of change and create a product development team for news content in the twenty-first century. As all the others in the organization you will be entitled to its suite of products. You will participate and collaborate with key stakeholders in the creation and implementation of a vision, as well as support the results.

What kind of skills are they looking for? They focus their search on smart workers and  problem solvers that are focused on one particular technology Experience in web development is always a plus, but critical thinking and the ability to learn and work in different technologies and products is much more valuable. Employees joining the Company will work in many different teams, focusing on different areas on what hopefully will be a long career with the company.

Currently they support products through many brands including The Wall Street Journal (WSJ), Barrons, MarketWatch, DJX. Your contributions will directly influence and help shape the future of the media, but above all, it is going to be fun.

If Dow Jones is starting to sound like a place you’d really love to work at then follow the URL below to the company’s website and apply online today:

Jobs in News

At The Wall Street Journal, journalism is their business. Each day, more than 1,800 reporters, editors, graphic artists, designers, snd experts in social media across 80 news agencies in 50 countries report and publish news features and analysis on all media platforms that set the agenda and report the movements in the global markets.

The quality standards established by the Wall Street Journal,, MarketWatch, and all their other real time financial news outlets in 12 languages is evident in everything they do. The company has won the Pulitzer Prize for numerous inside articles about corporate boardrooms that thier competitors are forced to follow.

So what is required to succeed in a news organization that has been legendary and the best of its class since 125 years ago? Start with intelligence, add value, a strong work ethic, ambition, ability to work with others and, perhaps most importantly, the vision to see beyond the obvious and take their readers there, who hope to learn something not already known each time they consume their journalism. A Smart blog on a breaking news event of, a moving video to accompany a deeply revealing feature, or an interactive graph on a trend in the market that connects the points in a way that the text will not. Interested? Take the next step and apply for a position at the Wall Street Journal.

Jobs in Customer Service

Are you a sociable person? If so, Dow Jones & Company want you to join their team. If you like to talk to people, you’re a troubleshooter, and an enterprising and enthusiastic negotiator, you’d be a great fit on their team. You should understand that good customer service and a great first impression are vital to the business. If people like to work with you because you’re reliable, energetic, and above all, fun, this news publishing Company would love to get to know you.

Dow Jones is looking for dynamic, affable, people to join their world class customer service team. Their products and services provide the basis with which business conducts business. They deliver the news and information, enriched by technology, to train their customers and help them to grow and prosper more reliably. Powered by Factiva and The Wall Street Journal, Dow Jones content affects more than 42 million people throughout the world.

Jobs in Sales

Do you want a sales opportunity for you to help solve real business problems? Join one of the most dynamic companies, with a different vision for the future in news and information sector from companies anywhere. You will play a vital role in offering the companies business customers reliable, quality content, supported by a respected Brand. The Wall Street Journal, Barron’s, SmartMoney and many more. They are always thinking of better ways for our advanced technology training to benefit our customers and help them thrive. And they want agile, creative, and energetic sales professionals with practical experience that are as passionate as they are at helping companies to do business better.

They offer a competitive benefits package that includes coverage for comprehensive health care, wellness programs, 401 (k), educational reimbursement, and savings on a number of national and local discounts and promotions.

Dow Jones, Careers of journalistic interest

The Company works to achieve equal opportunity and affirmative action goals and their employees help to foster a professional, welcoming and encouraging environment.


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