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DuPont is a multinational company of American origin, primarily dedicated to various industrial branches of chemistry. It currently employs approximately 59,000 employees worldwide, being one of the world’s biggest chemical companies on the planet. It is famous for having developed materials as well known as the Vespel, Neoprene, Nylon, Lycra, Perspex, Teflon, Kevlar, Nomex, the Tyvek, Sontara or Corian. Due to its habit of registering trademarks for their inventions, many of their products are even more famous than the company itself. The Company was founded July 190th of 1802 by Éleuthere Irénée du Pont de Nemours, near the city of Wilmington, Delaware, United States.

Career Opportunities at DuPont

Career Opportunities the company offer an incredible range of options for professionals, as well as university students and graduates, for work in industries that range from food and energy, to the automotive and the construction industries. They are working with more people in more places than ever before, applying their scientific knowledge and experience to solve the biggest challenges around the world. Join their team in seeking solutions to those porblems.

Their employees embody the fundamental values of they are and what the Company stands for. Issues which include health and safety, environmental protection, all carried out with the highest ethical behavior and respect toward people.

Discover exciting career opportunities at the company and their businesses around the world. For 200 Years, they have leveraged their scientific experience to discover, enable, and offer solutions to the world in general. Explore careers at the company to discover how they work together with scientists, academics, governmental institutions, companies and organizations around the world to find new and better ways to meet the needs of our growing world population. It is what they call inclusive innovation.

In more than 90 countries, through 16 various industries and a wide variety of brands such as Nomex ®, Teflon ®, Kevlar ®, Corian ® and Tyvek ®, which deliver scientific innovation in large and small ways.

The world’s population will exceed 9 billion by the year 2050, bringing unprecedented challenges to human beings and the earth. At DuPont, they are taking on these challenges because they know that they can find the solutions. Explore their career opportunities and help them to develop solutions that affect lives far beyond today.

If Dupont sounds like a place you’d really love to work at then follow the URL below to the company’s website and apply online today:

Engineering Work at DuPont

The company engineers use their knowledge, wit, and discipline to help shape the future – Research and development enhance the operations at the plant. Explore jobs at the company engineering by going tho their website and fillingo ut an online application (a link will be provided below).

Science and Technology jobs

Career opportunities in science and technology let you work together with world class engineers and scientists. They have a revolutionary approach to market opportunities where the integration of knowledge of the company in biology, chemistry, and materials will have the greatest impact to address the global market needs for food products, reliable energy sources and protection.

Jobs in accounting and finance

The company’s finance and accounting career opportunities are part of the engine that keeps innovation moving forward. Their accounting and finance teams are responsible for the financial planning and reporting for the entire company.

DuPont hospitality and services jobs

Career opportunities  with The company hospitality and services provides opportunities for  candidates with specialized expertise in Hotel and restaurant management, culinary arts and lawn and facilities management with the opportunity to work at their world class facilities.

Human resources jobs

The company’s human resources professionals looking for candidates that can play a key role in the structuring and implementation of a strategy of human capital that is vital to the success of our business.

Information Technology Jobs

To fill information technology jobs, the company looks for professionals to provide computing infrastructure and information services for technical, research and business communities.

Legal jobs

For legal professionals looking for advising diversified business segments of the company at the global level. Explore career opportunities at the DuPont Legal organization.

Marketing and sales Jobs

The company seeks professionals with a technical background, especially with engineering and science degrees, prefereably along with an MBA, who are seeking employment opportunities in sales and marketing.

Another one of the characteristics that make this Company stand out, is its immersion in the development of biomaterials. Their aim is to develop materials that represent biological alternatives to products that are currently manufactured in the chemical industry, mainly from petroleum. The Company has aready obtained successful results generating polymers from corn starch.

If you are interested in interviewing for carree oportunities with the company, it is awlays recommended that you do a Little research on the Company so you may favorably impresss the recruiter interviewing you

Brief Company History

DuPont was founded on July 19th 1802 by Eleuthere Irenee du Pont de Nemours, near the city of Wilmington, Delaware, United States. After he and his family had escaped from France, then under the consequences of the Revolution. In its origins it was a manufacturer of gunpowder, since he had noticed that the sector was much less developed than in Europe. The company grew so fast that by the first half of the century it was the largest supplier of fireworks in the U.S. During the Civil War in the United States the company supplied half of the gun powder used by the Union Army.

The company continued to grow, expanding their sales to the sector of explosives such as dynamite. After the death of its then president, Eugene du Pont in 1902, the partners sold the company to the grandchildren of the founder, whose leadership made the company grow as they bought up several small companies of the sector. However, after the antitrust laws that were made in 1912, the firm had to be divided. Hercules Powder and Atlas Chemical were born out of this judicial decision.The company created two pioneers in research laboratories in the United States, which began to work in non-military products such as cellulose or lacquer. In 1914, Pierre S. du Pont, made the firm investin the automobile industry by purchasing shares of General Motors (GM).  The company obtained a seat on the board of directors. In 1920 Pierre S. du Pont was elected president of General Motors, raising it to the world leadership in the sector. However, the Sherman Antitrust Act forced to separate the two companies and in 1957 DuPont sold its stake in the company. During the decade of the 20’s, the company conducted its research into polymers. This led to the Discovery of neoprene, and, in 1935, nylon, two of the most successful products of the company. The Plexiglas and the Teflon followed them after a few years. During the period in the company continued to be a supplier of the US army in both the First World War as in the second. The company also worked on the Manhattan Project, being responsible for the production plant of plutonium in the Oak Ridge National Laboratory. After the war, the company continued to launch new materials to the market, such as synthetic fibers or elastic fibers as the elastane fiber known as LYCRA® (mark of Invista), in the ‘ 50s and the tyvek, and nomex in the 60’s. These advances were necessary in the Apollo program, of which the company was supplier. In 1981, the company acquired Conoco Inc. the largest oil company in the United States, to ensure the supply of oil it continously needed to make their products. The company sold its shares of Conoco in 1999. That same year, the oil company announced it would concentrate its activities in synthesizing their own products, instead of supplying to DuPont.

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