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The US-based company eBay Inc. operates the world’s largest online auctions. The company was established in September of 1995 by Pierre Omidyar in San Jose (California) under the name AuctionWeb. The company also offers its services in Europe, with a presence in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

Over the course of the years their offering went from that of a Consumer-to-Consumer marketplace to a business with a next-generation platform, i.e. it is increasingly offering new goods from commercial vendors, in contrast to the second-hand goods by private providers.


Pierre Omidyar started eBay on the simple idea that people are basically good, and this principal belief created a totally new type of market, always transforming ecommerce. Today, this belief continues driving who the company are, how they act and what they do. Their founding principles allow them to make intelligent decisions, to grow their capabilities, their community, their business and their vision.

The company may have grown beyond its roots in the auction house, but their foundational principles remain the same. They pride themselves in innovation, to inspire new technology, new ideas, new markets and new customers. They are there to help bring the best of everything the world has to offer through trade, exchange, conversation and technology.

E-bay is the place where good business means fair and honest business. It is also the place where online business meets the twenty-first century. If you are looking to reinvent the future of trade, eBay Inc. is the place to make it happen.

Professional Growth at eBay

Their phenomenal growth and innovative business model have provided some incredible opportunities for their employees. They are looking for people who appreciate careers with responsibility, complexity and scope. Your career at eBay Inc. must be inspiring, satisfying and participative. You must be motivated to develop existing skills and acquire new ones. That is why they encourage employees at all levels to take their careers and actively to pursue the next step. At eBay, the equation has three parts: learning by doing, learning from others and learning through study.

To support learning through doing, you will be equipped with all the essential tools for your role, so you can perform in all its splendor. Our collaborative and inclusive environments, and the commitment to recruit the best and brightest each day, brings the opportunity to learn through other – simply by working together.

eBay supports learning through study by providing a variety of resources ranging from online external courses, courses and conferences. Programs also offer career paths to the members of our technology community who wish to advance in their careers without assuming management responsibilities. For those who want to pursue a bachelor’s degree, there is rotation programs and classes.

If eBay sounds like a place you’d really love to work at then follow the URL below to the company’s website and apply online today:



Each day, 30,000 people from eBay Inc. epitomize its efforts to promote the company e-commerce leader of the world. And each one of them is treated as family. At eBay, no matter which of our offices, trademarks or locations you call home, consistent benefits that support your work, your life, your passions and your future will be a part of your everyday. Take a look at what you can expect.

Welfare & Health

eBay wants you (and your family) be healthy! To help you along this path, they offer a wide variety of health benefits. While their offerings vary from country to country, they strive to provide programs that help support both mind and body, quality health insurance, wellness programs, including options to reduce taxable income, counseling and referrals.

Financial Security

A sense of economic security during our working years and through retirement is important for all of us. The company offers a variety of plans to help ensure your financial security today and in the years later.

Other benefits

With a busy, hectic environment, eBay makes for an exciting work experience. Managing the demands of life inside and outside the office is a priority and a challenge for most of us and  so to soften your burdens, some of their locations offer on-site conveniences – things like dry cleaning pickup and delivery and oil changes – which can turn into a little bit of time and tranquility.

eBay Company History

After their foundation in the year 1995 in the United States, in 1997 Benchmark Capital invested 6.7 million dollars in the company. Two years later these shares had a 5 billion US-dollar value.  In the summer of 1999 the company bought German auction house Alando for 43 million US-dollars from the three Samwer brothers. In 2001 the company bought the South Korean auction house Auction, in 2002 the Internet-pay-site PayPal. In 2007, eBay was awarded at the Webby Awards a prize for “Lifetime Achievement Award” by the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences. In September of 2009, the company announced that it would be selling 65 percent of the shares of its Internet-communication portal Skype for 1.9 billion dollars to a group of investors. In December 2010 eBay bought Milo for 75 million US-dollars. Milo.com makes the inventory of stores in US-cities searchable, so that its users on the Web can view in real time whether products they want in a shop in their immediate vicinity are available.

Since October 2012 the web site and the services of the company have a new design, which also included the first time since the beginning that the unchanged e Bay-Logo was newly designed. They have maintained the colors of the logo and the letters are still connected to each other, achieved through the use of the Univers extended, a clearer typeface.

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