Exelon Application

Working toward a better future.

Exelon is developing sustainable energy to provide the communities of today and plan for a brighter tomorrow. They know that it is the future of energy. This company requires a workforce that is bold and committed to their core values. They promote a culture that focuses on the performance, promote leadership, encourages innovation and recognizes the power of ideas that are generated by a diverse workforce.

Their family of companies

With the recent merger with Constellation, this company continues to grow with the incorporation of Constellation and BGE to their family of companies, which also includes the generation of Exelon, ComEd and PECO. This company is driven by its people and culture

This corporation is one of the largest electric power companies of the country with more than $23.5 billion in annual revenues and thousands of employees across the United States. This company works to meet the highest standards in all facets of energy, from its generation to having competitive energy sales to delivery.

Promotion of a diverse and rewarding culture

Their vision is to be the best group of power generation and electric and delivery of gas companies in the United States – providing superior value for customers, employees, investors and the communities they serve. The companies require a workforce that is bold and committed to their core values: diversity, accountability, safety, respect, corporate citizenship, continuous improvement and integrity. They promote a culture that focuses on the performance, promote leadership, encourages innovation and recognizes the power of ideas that are generated by a diverse workforce.


Their vision includes the following objectives for their people and their culture:

Attract and retain the employees to better serve and represent their clients and communities.

The company strives to recruit, develop and retain the best professionals in each level of their organization. Providing a challenging environment, opportunities to grow professionally, the rates of competitive salary and a comprehensive benefit package, they continue to grow a work force that has made them one of the most successful companies in the energy industry.

Dealing with the diversity and inclusion as a business imperative, fundamental value and moral obligation.

This company has established goals of excellence in diversity in 5 strategic areas

In 2011, approximately 5% of all purchases of this company were made from certified minority-owned businesses and women as part of the company’s initiative Diverse Business Enablement.

Network Groups for employees of this company support diversity, bring understanding to the strategies and objectives of this company and serve as a resource for the company and its employees.

3. Create a challenging and rewarding work environment.

This company is committed to retain talented employees that contribute to the success of their business. They promote a culture of innovation and continuous improvement that is rewarded by opportunities for career advancement.

Exelon 2020, their environmental business strategy, defies all employees to contribute to their goal to reduce, offset and move carbon emissions. Several teams collaborate to address the changing economic and political environments to ensure that they are on the track to eliminate their 2001carbon foot print by 2020.

Their compensation packages are base salary, incentives and health benefits and retirement benefits, in addition to other programs, are designed to motivate and reward employees to achieve high levels of operational performance and excellent financial results.

Exelon believes that its employees are the owners and drivers of their careers, which is a continuous process. Through career management, the employees proactively identify goals and manage the implementation of their career plan with support from the manager and the organization.

If Exolon is starting to sound like a place you’d really love to work at then follow the URL below to the company’s website and apply online today:


Requirements for the employees of the company

The company strives to recruit and retain the best staff possible. Before applying, interested applicants should review the company’s requirements for employment. As one of the major energy companies of the nation, the company is a 24/7operation, particularly for field employees. As such, they are a company dedicated to have a safe and drug-free workplace. The company requires that all employees receive mandatory drug tests and background check ups. Additionally to these standard requirements for all positions, certain areas within the family of Exelon companies can have their own specific employment requirements.

All positions: This Corporation is dedicated to a drug-free workplace, safe workplace where all employees receive mandatory drug tests and background investigations.

Positions with their power generation companies:

The employees in positions that require access to their nuclear plants must go through an extensive research and rigorous background investigation, including fingerprinting, psychological examination and a secondary drug test and alcohol screen. Several employees are enforced to be part of the emergency preparedness organization as part of their responsibilities. The company’s nuclear plants are being patrolled by armed security inside and outside the plant. Exelon is a 24/7operation, particularly for field employees. Some positions require working shifts and some of the shifts rotate schedules. When there are outages in the nuclear power plants, all employees in the plant are required to put in time beyond their normally scheduled hours. Some positions require that you travel within a designated service region.

Position with their utility companies:

Their distribution companies and delivery companies are 24/7 operations, for field employees in particular. Some positions require employees to participate in a rotation schedule for an on-call service for emergencies. This Corporation is dedicated to have a safe workplace. Some positions of the field of ComEd and CEECS may require the use of safety equipment and harnesses. Some non-exempt positions are represented by trade unions and would require joining the local union chapter.

The essence of integrity

The company depends on its employees and contractors to protect the core values of integrity and respect for those who would disregard them. They recognize that their business involve services that are central to citizens in their daily lives, and necessary for companies to operate productively in the country’s economy. As a result, the company embraces review by government officials at the local, county, state, and federal level because they expect to operate their business in full compliance with the law.

They understand that individuals and institutions that have invested billions of dollars in their company with the expectation that the company honestly and productively use this capital to operate profitably and increase shareholder value.

To gain and maintain the confidence of its customers, shareholders, employees, government officials and the various communities the company serves, they recognize that their directors, employees and contractors are required to maintain the highest ethical standards in what they say and what they do. That is the essence of the integrity at this company.



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