Expeditors Application

About them

Expeditors is a global logistics company with headquarters in Seattle, Washington. As a Fortune 500 company, they have more than 13,000 skilled professionals in a global network of more than 250 places across six continents. This company meets the needs of an increasingly sophisticated international trade through customized solutions, transparent and integrated information systems. Their services include the consolidation of the air and ocean freight and forwarding, distribution, customs clearance, cargo insurance, vendor consolidation and other value-added logistics services.

This company, prides itself on being a solutions-based organization and takes time to understand the business needs of each individual client. As a non-asset organization, they have considerable flexibility in the management of supply chains of their customers. Due to their relationships with local suppliers and worldwide air and ocean partners, they can provide customers with the best prices and routing options. Their complete range of services, flexible technology is supported by the cutting edge information technology that provides a high level of visibility from beginning to end.

To maintain a constant quality and customer service throughout the world, this company has its regional headquarters located in London, Sao Paulo, Beirut and Shanghai.

At this company their industry professionals, award winning processes and global level unified systems that guarantee that they always keep their promise, you’ll be surprised.

Working at this company

International transportation is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. This company is a leader in this sector and has opportunities for motivated team players that are looking for a challenging and rewarding work. The company’s culture of organic growth and internal promotion, combined with a unique compensation structure and  strong management team, continuously attracts employees of higher caliber.

Their people are their greatest asset

By recruiting, motivating and retaining the best staff in the business, they feel that they will maintain their leadership position in the market. Their business is the quality of customer service and their people is what makes that happen. They hire people based on attitude and train them for the skills they need to make a successful career here. As part of their professional development and overall work evaluation, their employees are obliged to have a minimum of 52 hours of training per year.

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 Their culture

At this company, their culture is about exceeding the expectations of their customers and offer a place for their employees to make a career. It is clear that their people only care more. They move faster, work harder and are rewarded better than their competition. Their offices are great, organized and established in accordance with their quality standards. It is a simple philosophy that works – they will do everything possible to protect their culture.

Professionalism is the core of their identity. The emergence of their people and their services contribute to this identity by visually demonstrating what they are and what they are all about.

Confidence. They must believe to achieve, not only for themselves, but also in their co-workers. Without the trust, security and reliance that their confidence brings them, their network would not work.

Curiosity. Be the kind of person who wants to learn more about something. Have a willingness to inquire, investigate or seek after knowledge. You should have a desire to please the mind with new information or objects of interest; be inquisitive.

Pride. It is the personal commitment that we do to realize our full potential and self-esteem, confidence and joy that we win from having completed a job well done.

Visionary. A perceptive vision to the changing needs of their customers, service providers and organization. The unshakable understanding of who they are and where they are going, no matter what others may think.

Attitude. A passionate, caring for and winning attitude focuses on the fundamentals of teamwork. Knowing how essential teamwork is to their success drives them to be the best team players they can.

Sense of humor. Life is too short not to enjoy the work they do and the people they work with. Never forget the seriousness of the matter, they never take themselves too seriously for fear that they will stop listening and learning.

Integrity. Justice, honesty and dignity are at the heart of successful relationships they enjoy with their customers, service providers and others.

Resolute. Say what you do and do what you say! Willing to take risks and without fear of errors, is the determination, loyalty, firmness and impartiality that gives them the strength to succeed in today’s extremely competitive environment.

Their program

The “three pillars” of sustainability are commonly referred to as “people, planet and profit’.  Their three pillars of sustainability in this company, reflect near this original idea, with a focus on the whole society (social responsibility), the earth that we live in (environmental protection) and the people that are the essence of their company (health & safety).  The search for sustainable business practices is essential to achieve their mission of excellence in global logistics.

They want the program model in their organization and help their customers achieve their goals by offering recommendations to improve the sustainability of their business, either through the rationalization of their supply chains, while minimizing the costs of distribution or evaluation of alternative supply profiles.

Each program has its beginning, and their first steps were to begin to measure their greenhouse gas emissions, begin to collect information on the employees giving and volunteering and establish a health and safety program for their global network. The force of these three global teams has inspired them to go forward with a more comprehensive program of sustainability.

Their culture is about exceeding their customer’s expectations and offering a place for their employees to make a career. It is clear that their people only matter more. They move faster, work harder and reward better than our competition. Customer service has always been their focus and they take great pride in ensuring that their customers receive the same level of consistent service everywhere in the world. They do this by staying true to their core assets: their people, their systems, their culture and their customers.

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