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Express Scripts is one of the largest pharmacy benefit managers in the United States, managing pharmacy benefits for millions of people throughout the country through managed care plans, employers, governmental entities and unions. Their headquarters is located in St. Louis. Missouri. They have important administrative offices in several States, including Florida, Minnesota, Arizona and New Jersey. They have of customer service and pharmacy operations in nine states. They also have Canadian operations in Quebec and Ontario. In total they have a labor force of more than 11,000 people.

Who they hire

At Express Scripts they attribute their success to their great people. They recognize that the value of their company, today and in the future, is in the hands of their employees. The company’s employees appreciate work with meaning and purpose, and approach their work with great pride and a passion for excellence.

While they continue to grow, they look for passion in each person that they hire. They have an inclusive culture with lots of collaboration for high performance, where your entrepreneurial spirit and vision of the future is welcomed and embraced. Their approach is to “never stand still” and they have a goal of continuous improvement which is evident throughout the organization. If this sort of work environment seems appealing to you we reccomend that you explore the many opportunities available in the fields of



Corporate Operations

Information Technology.

Express Scripts Company Growth Opportunities

After going public in 1992, growth came quickly. They placed 4th on the Forbes list of Best Small Companies. In 1995, they came in at number 45 on the magazine’s list of Businesses with Fastest Growth. Now, they’re ranked 132 on the Fortune 500 list and are recipients of the the first “Streetie Prize” for best overall performance by any company.

Express Scripts wants to make the use of prescription drugs more accessible.

They share a common cause with each of their clients, helping them to offer a superb health benefits package today, tomorrow and in the future. It is increasingly obvious that to spend additional dollars on health assistance for any additional health benefit is a waste and threatens the existence of benefits sponsored by the employer. At Express Scripts they align their interests with those of their customers, working with them to help maintain the benefit of prescription medicines from the list in danger of extinction by offering proven programs to eject waste.

The patients they serve fill their prescriptions in any of more than 59,000 retail pharmacies throughout the country or through their own pharmacies, and have access to to their patient care of Contact Centers 24-hours a day. They processed 390 million retail prescriptions and home recipes each year and check the prescription electronically for each patient to have improved security, verification and eligibility, to ensure proper payment and identify savings opportunities. They annually issue more than 30 million security alerts.

Express Scripts Corporate Culture

The Express Way explains the values and behaviors in writing, to exemplify and set the tone of their high performance culture. Their way of doing business is to promote individual success, which is how they can achieve together.

Who they are

Integrity – is the compass that guides every decision they make, and every action they take. Nothing else mattersmore to their Company culture tan a high degree of integrity.  Mutual Respect – the company’s employees are mindful of the way in which they treat others, especially in the manner in which they treat those who they serve. Passion – is the fuel that drives the company. Aspire, challenge yourself, always reach for more.

How they work

Alignment – is the backbone of their business. They do the right thing for their customers and patients. Collaboration – is the way they work together, the way they get more accomplished. Service – is the heart of what they do, a great compassion for their patients, and a commitment to their customers. They are well aware that people rely on them every day.

If Express Scripts sounds like a place you’d really love to work at then follow the URL below to the company’s website and apply online today:

Express Scripts Benefits

The Company offers a high quality benefits program that responds to their employees needs. It is a benefits package that’s very competitive within their industry and represents an important part of the total employee compensation plan. It provides a wide range of benefits, some at no cost to the employee. The Company’s benefit program includes:

401 (k), basic life insurance, dental and supplemental assistance program for employees, employees stock purchase programs, flexible spending accounts, health coverage, holiday pay, prescription drug benefits, short and long-term disability coverage, tuition aid, paid vacations, absences and sick time off.

Express Scripts Mission

The company is dedicated to the development of the use of safer medications and more affordable sponsors for their health benefit plans and for more than 50 million members and their families.

The people who work here

Do you want to be part of a team where we encourage you to freely express your ideas? That is the essence of the culture at the Company. Step into any of their locations throughout the country, and you will find that it is not like a typical company. Their employees say it feels more like a creative and entrepreneurial environment, where the opinion of each employee is valued. Their employees begin each day knowing they have the power to make a difference. It is why we are known for our innovation and why we are one of the Fortune 500 companies with the most rapid growth”.

Be part of a diverse and passionate culture

The team at Express Scripts is composed of bold and passionate people. This enterprising team of professionals respects and covets different perspectives. Inflexible integrity is also a cornerstone of their business. They uphold a duty to help patients make informed decisions and to protect their privacy.

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