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If you think you have what is necessary to pursue a career in this fast-growing company, and if you are attracted by how this company would develop its employees, you are invited to accept the challenge and send your curriculum vitae.

ExxonMobil is a dynamic and exciting place to work. They hire exceptional people, and each one of them is empowered to think independently, take the initiative and be inventive. They invite you to examine the world of opportunities that are waiting for you.

To be considered for employment, use the function of the search openings function to locate a job or campus folder where you can send your curriculum vitae and profile.

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This company participates in the US Department of Homeland Security citizenship and immigration services’ E-verify program. Please read the warning in E- Verify notice-English /notice Spanish of and right to work notice before proceeding with your application for employment.

Their history

In the past 125 years that this company has evolved from a regional retailer of kerosene in the United States to the largest publicly traded oil and petrochemicals company in the world.

Today they operate in most countries of the world and are known for their family brand names: Exxon, Esso and Mobil. They make products that lead modern transport, power cities, lubricate industry and provide petrochemical building blocks that lead to thousands of consumer goods.

Employee programs

This corporation is committed to being the world’s premier petroleum petrochemical company.

Their benefits programs are part of a total compensation package designed to support their long-term business objective, as well as to attract, retain and reward the more qualified employees. The goal is to respond to the needs of employees throughout their careers and into retirement.

Programs and benefits for employees

Providing access to affordable health care helps employees manage health problems and reduce the related financial concerns, helping them to become productive and focused on work responsibilities. Strong preventive medical care plans and health-related programs also strengthen the commitment of the Corporation to wellbeing.

Benefit coverage for spouses is based on legally recognized spousal relationships in each country where we operate. In the United States, the company has taken the definition of “spouse” used in federal law.

The funding levels of qualified retirement plans comply with applicable laws or regulations. Obligations of defined benefit pension plans are fully supported by the financial strength of the corporation or the respective sponsoring affiliate.

Performance Review Process

The company’s supervisors encourage an environment where personal and professional growth is encouraged and where employees understand the company’s expectations high-performance and individual development. During the annual performance evaluation and development process, all employees have an efficient, recorded discussion, with their supervisors about their achievements at work, trianing objectives, development opportunities and professional interests. This process provides the basis for permanent employee training and continuous improvement. Employees are actively improving during the course of their career with training, guidance and opportunities to join professional networks.

Flexible work environment

Their workplace flexibility programs improve business and operational results by helping us attract and retain talent, the individual needs of the employee and to maximize the productivity of the employees. The company provides a variety of workplace flexibility program, which may be modified to legl requirements and used individually or in combination to meet individual. Each country’s workplace is different based on legal requirements, culture and infrastructure. Examples of staff programs include adjustable working hours, an adaptable workplace, part-time regular employment, extended part-time employment and modified work weeks.

Training and development one of the

One component to conserve and maximize the talent of a high-performing labor force for the long-term is a comprehensive program and technical training program. In 2012, their main business units together spent more than $88 million on training, reaching more than 76,000 employees that participated. To strengthen their technical capacity, more than 70 percent of their investment was directed to the technical and vocational training. In addition, more than 3,500 employees at the various levels of management participated in training programs for leadership development of this company in 2012, of which 29 percent are women and 57 percent were employed outside the United States. Their upstream companies continued strategic investments in the capacity development by rolling out a technical and commercial leadership training program that improves functioning and business skills of their professional workforce.

In addition to formal training, the company offers a variety of work experiences and development tools adapted to the needs of the individual through various tasks during an employee’s career.

Employee Engagement

The company strives to communicate openly with their nearly 77,000 employees. In 2012, the presidents of the functional companies conducted more than 60 town-hall style forums and interactive meetings with employees, addressing topics such as security, performance and strategic actions, and also answering employee questions.

When applying to a position, please: view their employment offers found on their web site, choose the position you are interested in submitting your online request form, please include a copy of your transcripts (undergraduate and graduate, if applicable). Official copies of your transcripts will be required if an offer extends. Requests received without marks (GPA) will not be considered.

Interested candidates will be contacted by their authorized recruiting agency for a selection process that may include a pre-test or interview as appropriate. Qualified candidates will be selected for further interview.

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What not to do…

Select “Search openings”, look for a “Job or Campus Folder” based on the search screen instructions, select the “Job or Campus Folder” to check the job description, select “Submit to Job(s) or Campus folder(s)”, on the log in screen, select “Click here to create a new account”, check the Data Privacy Statement of data and then select “Agree”, enter your email address and create a password, upload your resume and complete all the relevant fields, select “Continue”.


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