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About Fannie Mae

A little background, the Federal National Mortgage Association (FNMA) Fannie Mae, is known as Fannie Mae, was an open capital company, guaranteed by the government of the United States (company sponsored by the government or GSES), authorized to grant and guaranteeing loans. In November 2008 was intervened by the FHFA.

The name Fannie Mae is a phonetic creation, from the acronym of the company, which allows you to identify it more easily.

If you are ready to make a difference, then this company is ready for you.

We are a company with a mission. Our work to strengthen the nation’s housing finance is the system, giving stability to the families and communities and help make housing affordable and sustainable. We are looking for the right people to help us do this. Fannie Mae is in the center of the real estate market, and our work force is a diverse and talented group of people who get the opportunity to be at the forefront of change. We have offices in some of the most dynamic cities of the country, but we are also in the field of affected communities helping neighborhoods and distressed homeowners. There has never been a more important time to work at Fannie Mae.

Diversity, Volunteer, Corporate donations

Join Fannie Mae and you will join a company with a deep and proven commitment to diversity and inclusion – in the labor force, the workplace and the marketplace.

To promote diversity and inclusion at all levels, they offer a variety of tools and resources, such as diversity training, make sure that pay, benefits and professional development meet the needs of a diverse employee base, take advantage of the experiences of their employees through 10 different employee resource group, develop initiatives to attract more people with diverse backgrounds in their industry, and increase opportunities for diverse suppliers to do business with this company.

This company was recognized as one of the 50 best companies for Latinas to work in the United States by LATINA Style for 2011 – the tenth consecutive year.

The company’s employees are passionate about volunteering. To help them help their communities, the company has a strong volunteer program that offers up to 10 hours of paid leave per month for volunteering, donations to organizations where employees volunteer, a matching gift program that doubles or triples eligible employee gift nonprofit.

Their volunteerism includes activities such as: clothes drives, packaging first-aid kits, toiletries and other supplies for non-profit organizations, packaging and delivery of meals for the elderly and the sick, prepare and serve breakfast to the homeless, organizing and pocketing in edible food banks, repair and painting the houses of people with disabilities, renewal of playgrounds, parks and other facilities that serve their communities.

More than half of their employees volunteer through the company’s program SERVE (Serving, Engaged, Ready to Volunteer Employees) in 2010. Together, they donated over 69,000 hours of service to almost 1,000 non-profit organizations, schools and community groups throughout the country.

The company’s charitable giving focuses on the most difficult challenges of the nation’s housing, including help to fight the borrowers avoid foreclosure, working to stabilize neighborhoods, providing affordable rental housing, striving to prevent and end homelessness and the creation of strong neighborhoods.

Their help the homeless program (HTH) is an awareness program that raises funds to support non-profit organizations and charities working to prevent and end homelessness in their nation’s capital and throughout the country. The initiative also encourages volunteerism at the service of the destitute and to the people at risk of becoming homeless.

Knowing about their recruitment process will help in your job search. Take a few minutes to review the following information so you know what to expect when you pursue a career with them.

Publish a position. Once a position has been approved and the description of the job is complete, they publish the job on and other places with internal and/or external job applicants.

Identification of talent. Their recruiters review resumes, conduct phone screenings, compare candidates’ skill sets and share with hiring managers and other key decision-makers. The goal is to find a match between the needs of their current vacancies and your interests, skills, abilities and background.

Evaluating talent. If you are invited to participate in an interview, you will probably have a discussion with the hiring manager and other people with whom you work on a daily basis.

Offer a position. If you are selected as the most appropriate person for the position, they will extend an offer, along with other guidance materials for new employees.

Receiving a job offer depends upon your success in satisfying certain criteria, including a background check and drug screening, as well as a credit check if applicable.

Internal policy and external legal Compliance. The company’s recruitment process is aligned with internal policies and federal, state and local laws of employment.

Are you performance driven? Focused on achieving superior results. The challenges of the real estate market of today may be your chance. They are increasing in specific areas – putting the right people, systems and processes in place to: modify mortgage loans on a significant scale, fix and sell properties that are owned by the company to qualified buyers, modernize their technological infrastructure, remodel their financial systems and manage risk.

To do this, they are looking for candidates that: lead through change, collaborate and work across boundaries, deliver results, build and apply their talent, balance competing priorities, and act with courage and integrity.   They believe in helping you flourish into a rewarding career today – grow your opportunities with them for tomorrow. And they follow through with a variety of opportunities for professional development and training.

Professional Development

As an employee, you receive support for proactively managing and building your career through resources such as online training with more than 1,500 courses from highly considered sources.

Salary and benefits

This company strives to assist employees to comply with its current and future financial needs. They balance their basic pay – both internally and with the market – to support and recognize strong performers. And their structured review process encourages employees to drive their performance higher each year.

Annual merit increases are a means to increase the base salary based on individual performance. We also recognize exceptional performance and performance of the equipment with our interdepartmental program all in prizes and offer to an employee our referral program.

Does a career opportunity at Fanie Mae interest you? Check out their list of recommended jobs – updated biweekly at:


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