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Kohl’s General Information

kohl's-jobapplicationformIn 1962, the first Kohl’s department store opened it Brookfield, Wisconsin. 50 years later, this company now operates over 1,100 stores across the United States. A wide range of consumer goods is sold in every branch from men’s, women’s and children’s clothing to home items and jewelries and watches. Products are seasonally and annually updated and every store has clearance sales all throughout the year. This Fortune 500 company also offers online shopping aside from it’s visible stores in many areas across the country. Kohl’s is still expanding and is currently operating in 49 states. Aside from its branches in the US, there are some news that show possibility of opening up branches in Canada as well. Evidently, employment opportunities are wide as well as career advancements. There are already hundreds of thousands of people working here and with an annual revenue of over 16billion dollars, more employees are continuously needed from entry level to managerial positions to cater to the expansion of the business.

Minimum Working Age

Kohl’s accepts applicants who are 16 years old and above.

Working Hours

The hours of operation are 8AM to 10PM on Weekdays, 8AM to 11PM on Saturdays and 9AM to 9PM on Sundays. This schedule should give enough flexibility to employees who are still studying or have other obligations aside from work. Kohl’s gives the benefit of working hour flexibility to its employees so it should not be a problem to find a suitable schedule at all.

Positions at Kohl’s

Entry level positions to management ones are open for application online. You can find a suitable position you may want to apply by checking their website from the link posted below:


You may check out openings by state, by career area or hourly store or hourly distribution as well as by new store opportunities. Positions like cashier, sales associate, customer service representative, beauty specialist, store planner, assistant store manager and store manager are open in some areas as well as other positions. To check which positions are open and are suited for your qualifications, visit the official site. Since this department store chain is always looking for talented individuals to join their team, you may join their talent pool by clicking on the link they have provided in their website so that if a relevant position opens up for your skill set, they will contact you to apply for it.

After submitting your application online, you may go back to their website and log in to check the status. Kohl’s also enables applicants to submit applications at local stores. You can download a copy of their application form from their official website.

Income at Kohl’s

Entry level associates as well as professional level employees are always needed in the different areas of this department store chain. There is always a need to fill part-time as well as full-time positions because the company is growing rapidly.

The income of every employee depends on the level of their position and responsibilities. Cashiers, for example, earn minimum wage, whereas sales associates earn slightly above it. Store managers earn between $20,000 to $60,000 depending on their level of experience, working hours according to store operations and job title. Kohl’s is a great place to work in because the compensation package is very good. Apply online and find out what opportunities and possible income await you.

Benefits Information

Entry level employees get the benefit of having flexible working hours, paid training and competitive wages. Once eligible, employees will get health benefits that cover vision, dental and medical plans, retirements plans, discounts on home and auto insurance, merchandise discounts and group pre-paid legal plans.

Tips on Applying Online

Once you have decided on which position you would like to apply, get ready to submit your application online or print a form, fill it out and send it to the local store you’re applying at. Make sure that you complete the form as best you can in proper handwriting to make a good impression. Remember that a good penmanship shows how organized you are. Pay attention to details and be honest in your responses. If you are submitting your application at their website, make sure that you put all the required information to get better chances of getting hired. There are many people who want to be part of this company and your best chances rely on you showing how careful you are in doing something important, in this regard, submitting a complete application form.

Prepare your CV. Make sure that it looks professional. You can get tips on how to do this by checking out our online courses. Your CV will say a lot about you so make sure that you are careful in what you write and what you omit.

Prepare for the interview. Learn as much as you can from our free online courses because that will give you an edge. Show that you are the right fit for the position by showcasing your experiences and showing how dedicated you can be for your job. You can reap the benefits in the long run so don’t waste your opportunity of becoming part of a Fortune 500 company.

Kohl’s is one of the best companies in the US to work and opportunities may be endless for the right candidate. If you feel that the open positions are not for you at the moment, join their talent network so you can get notified if they find the right match for your skills and talents.

There are over a thousand Kohl’s department stores in the US and there is surely one near you. You can start your career with this company by checking the positions available at the branch closest to you or you can also apply for a position at a different area as long as you’re prepared to dedicate yourself in advancing your career with them. This is a company that is still expanding its operations and showing that you are a dependable employee will bring you great benefits and professional advancement.


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