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About Marriott

marriott job applicationsFor anyone who is fond of the hospitality industry, working at Marriott may very well be one of the most fulfilling jobs within the interest. Opening up 150 new hotels in the United States last year alone is a very good proof that advancement and opportunities are wide and varied in this company. Marriott is often hailed as the best place to work as it exudes diversity and equality among its employees. Women and minority employees are treated as equals and are therefore given the same opportunities for recruitment, advancement and retention. Marriott headquarters is located in Washington DC and there are over 3,700 hotels in countries all over the world. This Fortune 500 company continuously grows, which means that there are endless opportunities for employment that you can apply for online. Since this is a company that works in taking care of its guests so that they feel at home wherever they are in the world, it also promotes a working environment that is friendly and employees are treated as family. As the company believes, the way they treat their employees will show in the way their employees take care of their guests.

Working at Marriott

If you are at least 18 years of age, you can find a position at Marriott by submitting your application online. Although the legal age to start working in different states may vary, Marriott only allows those over 18 years of age to provide service in this kind of industry. The positions available cover almost all aspects of the hospitality industry such as clerks, greeters, household supervisors, concierge, sales representatives and guest relations representatives. There are also constant openings for drivers, laundry assistants, maintenance workers, part time and full time attendants, cooks and food and beverage associates. The best way to find which positions are open is to check recruitment exercises in your chosen area or locality. Since Marriott is constantly expanding all over the world, positions are always available. If you think you are eligible, check out their website or the local hotel near you for a job opening that is suitable for you.

Marriott Work Schedules

Since this is a business that operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year, there is much flexibility in the working hours for employees. You can work around your schedule very easily and find something that is most suitable for your career intentions and other obligations.

Marriott Opportunities

Marriott hotels are always in need of entry level employees all the way up to management. Although there are mostly entry level position openings, there would not be any concern or question about growing with the company. Marriott ensures that each employee is given ample opportunity to work hard and show the best talents. It also recognizes those who show great support for the excellence of service that Marriott constantly delivers. Pay and benefits depend on the position you are in but employees are continually satisfied with what they are getting and what they could possibly achieve in their lines of work.

Pay and Benefits Information

For eligible employees, the benefits package is comprehensive. At the time of application, the compensation and benefits are all explained clearly. Anyone applying for a position in Marriott can expect a competitive salary that is very reasonable for the position they are in, flexibility in schedule, healthcare benefits as well as paid leaves. There are also discount benefits for hotel room rates as well as food and beverages. Insurance and retirement plans are also offered as benefits, which makes working at Marriott on a long term basis very appealing. Those who have stayed working at Marriott for over 25 years are also given free weekend stay incentives at their hotels anywhere around the globe.

Growing with Marriott

Every employee that makes it into the Marriott family is given at least 78 hours of training and over 30 hours of professional development yearly. This ensures that there is growth for every employee no matter what position they are in. This is especially very good for entry level employees as they learn to take on more responsibilities and are then introduced to more opportunities for advancement and leadership. Anyone exceeding expectations in service will surely be able to make a career truly worth spending their life on. The rewards and benefits given by Marriott to its employees just grows the longer the employee stays on board. Remember that Marriott treats its employees as family so expect to be well taken cared of as long as you work your best to show that you are an employee worth keeping.

Marriott may be the right choice for you. To start your online application, copy the link provided below and paste it in your browser.

You can submit your resume directly through Marriott’s online application website. Do note that Marriott does not allow printing of application forms from the website to submit to a local hotel near you. Check out openings from different hotels in your area and submit your application online. This is the first step in being part of an international company.

Important Things to Remember:

Marriott only allows online application through their website so if you see that there is a recruitment exercise near you, submit your application online immediately. You may also check other locations that may interest you as Marriott offers competitive rates that may be very well worth your time.

You can immediately submit your resume when submitting an online application with Marriott. Improve your resume through the help of our online course for free. Be sure to create an edge against the competition because Marriott easily recognizes those who go beyond expectations to deliver great service.

If you plan to work at Marriott for a long time, be prepared for the challenges you will face for your advancement. This is a fast paced working environment where opportunities could be endless for those who work hard. Dedication to company is recognized with benefits and compensation as well as promotion and more responsibilities.


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