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Careers at E * Trade

It requires teams of dedicated employees through the organization to deliver the best experience for their customers to invest. And they are always looking for bright and dedicated professionals to join us in this mission. They empower employees to make the change, giving them ownership of their responsibilities and their careers.

Why work at E * Trade

Working in this company can bring significant awards, both on a personal and professional level. Study more about what makes this company a great place to work and the things employees value most about their experience in this company.

Their people

This company is committed to recruit the best and the brightest. Their employees are intelligent, driven, team-oriented and passionate about what they do. A team of highly successful leadership, promoted from within or drawn from some of the highly successful companies in the world, inspires employees to think creatively and continuously challenging the status quo for the benefit of investors by all parties. Learn more about this company’s employees on a day in their life, visit the company’s web site.

Their culture

In this company, innovation is in their DNA. As a pioneer in the online financial services, they encourage a common mission: to provide the best experience in investing. They never stop pushing to make investments easier and more intuitive – all at an exceptional value. And they are also committed to improving the communities in which they live and work, with the participation of the community a key priority. Learn more about their participation in the community at their web site.

Their benefits

Rewarding employee performance and success is an important part of this company’s culture. They offer compensation packages and competitive benefits. Continuous training and career development opportunities are also available. Check out more information about their employment benefits.

Working in this company is rewarding, stimulating and fun. And above all, it is a place where you can make a difference. They hope that you consider joining their team.

Brokerage: customer service of financial consultants.

Opportunities of employment for customer service

Provide exceptional customer service is located in the heart of everything they do.

As the company’s representative, you will be specialized in presenting complex information in a manner that allows customers to make investment, trade and related to the account decisions. You’ll play an important role, highly visible in the representation of the company as a leader in the industry of brokerage and bank able to comply with all exchanges and in the long term, investing the needs of the client.

Your career in the customer service – and their investment in you – begins with an in-depth training program, including a course of four weeks paid to prepare for your series 7 and 63 license exams.

Their investment in you extends beyond the service organization. There are many different careers in this company and their customer service employees have transition to successful careers in the management of customer service, product management, support active trader, marketing and sales, to name just a few.

Does a career opportunity at E * Trade interest you? Check out their list of recommended jobs at:


Opportunities of employment for financial consultants

The company’s Financial Consultants focus on the building of strong long-term relationships with their most valued customers. Offer their customers a personal connection with the company and help them achieve their financial goals is more important. If that means working with customers to develop a retirement plan or provide diversified investment recommendations objective, their financial consultants are committed to providing the highest level of service and satisfaction.

Their financial consultants provide advice on the allocation of portfolio and virtually all types of security. Collect financial information of the customer, analyze needs, identify targets and make investment recommendations through their patented process of financial planning. They are also responsible for conducting reviews of effective portfolio and propose investment solutions with added value, including professionally managed portfolios based on the individual needs of each client.

The company’s Financial Consultants are self-motivated independent thinkers who share a common desire to build lasting relationships with customers. Your ability to achieve success as a company’s Financial Consultant is supported by the recognized E * trademark, ongoing support of marketing and exceptional training and professional development program.

Corporate: the risk of administration, finance and accounting, legal and compliance, human resources.

The company’s corporate functions play a fundamental role in their daily operations, as well as the strategic growth of the company. Management of legal risk and compliance to finance accounting and human resources, these groups represent a variety of specialized skill sets and provide vital support to all areas of the company to ensure that they are delivering the best possible experience for their clients, their shareholders and their staff.

As a professional in human resources, you will be responsible for: attracting, recruiting and retaining talented people; in the organization as a whole; additional new hires and support the development of leadership and the leadership team; assess and ensure their programs of benefits and compensation long-term recognition contributions to the organization; ensuring that their single company values permeate the culture and they are instilled in everything they do.


This company is one of the most recognized names in the financial services and marketing is the driver of all communications on behalf of the company. All brand positioning and advertising for optimization and creative execution is handled by the marketing team.

Marketing includes several groups with specific areas of specialization. These groups provide strategic direction, marketing plan, development, implementation, testing and analysis of results, graphic design and editorial support. There are opportunities to work in: advertising and media, brokerage, bank and Corporate Services Marketing, corporate communications, design and usability and research and making science.

Marketing works in close collaboration with key partners throughout the organization to ensure that the company speaks with a consistent voice and delivers the last friendly, low-cost investing experience.

Technology: operations

Emerging technologies are the basis of their identity at the company. Their technology professionals develop and support applications for anytime and anywhere investing, banking, and trading. Each department from Web development to systems management, benefits from a deeply rooted culture of innovation. Their leadership sets the tone to encourage individual creativity and an environment where you will be continually challenged to develop your skills.

As a technology professional for this company, you are presented with many opportunities to work with the latest tools and resources. They are committed to the use of open source and advanced Web, mobile and implementation frameworks. It is through this commitment that they maintain their leadership in the industry and a reputation for loyalty, modernization and achievement.

The company’s operational team support the basis processing and control behind their best in its class customer experience, including trading, clearing, settlement, and activities related to custody.

Their professionals work closely in collaboration with their business partners through the organization to ensure a cost-effective, efficient and controlled operating environment, – one that exceeds expectations, mitigates risk and fits inside the regulatory landscape, inspires all employees to achieve maximum performance.

Operation professionals of the company are well represented in industry and trade groups and often serve as leaders in management of productive change at the entire industry level.

Community Participation

This company is committed to investing in the communities through non-profit associations, voluntary work of employees and corporate contributions to improve neighborhoods and increase financial education.

As a leading company in online financial services, including online banking, loans and investments, they’re working to expand their unique services to low- and moderate-income communities in their markets.

The company’s employees teach financial literacy courses and mentors middle and high school students. Their volunteers offer their time and resources to make a difference in the quality of life for the people that they serve. In their efforts to contribute to the communities at the local level, they partner with many nonprofit partners.


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