U.S. Customs and Border Protection Application

U.S. Customs and Border Protection Application Process

U.S. Customs and Border Protection protects the public against terrorists and the instruments of terror. Firmly they strengthen the laws of the United States by promoting the economic security of their country through licit travel and international trade. They serve the American public with alertness, principle and respectability.

Are you ready to join the dedicated team of the U.S. Customs and Border Protection and start your journey to make an outstanding contribution to civil service? Join this group of women and men today!

Go to USAJobs, for more detailed instructions, see the USAJOBS Resource Center. You can follow the URL below to their oficial .gov website:


Search for the desired vacancy opportunity. Check the integer announcement to obtain important information about which is being applied, job qualifications, duties, requirements of position, salary and work location. Use this information to decide if their interests, education and experience are a match for the job. Be sure to take note of the HR contact that appears in the vacancy announcement. If you have any questions during or after the open vacancy term, you will need to have this contact information.

Apply to the vacancy. Carefully follow the specific instructions in the section “How to apply” of the vacancy announcement. Make sure you comply with all the necesary documents requested in the vacancy announcement to receive full consideration. If you are unable to apply on-line or you need a reasonable accommodation for any part of the application process, contact the office of human resources identified in the notice at least one day before the closing date for detailed instructions.

Evaluation of the application. Once your completed application is received, they shall determine an assessment of your qualifications and where you classify. Status updates of the request will be sent to the individuals who provide a valid e-mail address in the online questionnaire, or enter the Central applicant self-service (CASS) to check the status. (CASS)

Selection. The names and applications of the candidates of highest rank are sent to the manager or selecting official. If you require further evaluation or interviews, they will communicate directly with you. Selection procedures are subject to the laws of the Federal Civil Service, ensuring that all applicants receive fair and equitable treatment in the recruitment process.

Who they are

They are the U.S. Customs and Border Protection.  CBP is the largest agency of law enforcement within the Department of national security. Currently they have over 58,000 employees serving both at home and abroad.

What they do

This organization’s priority mission is to prevent terrorists and terrorist weapons form coming to the United States and ensure the safety of their nation on the borders and ports of entry of the United States. They must keep this line of defense by allowing legitimate travel and trade that is vital to their economy and way of life.

This organization is responsible for capturing individuals attempting to enter the United States illegally; stop the flow of illegal drugs and other contraband; protect their agricultural and economic interests from damaging pests and diseases; protecting American companies against the theft of their intellectual property; and regulating and facilitating international trade, collecting import duties and implementing U. S. trade laws.

Types of careers with this organization, in general, this organization has two career categories: their first line law mission-critical occupations and the majority of the organization’s workforce serves on the frontline.

More than 20,000 border patrol agents protect 1,900 miles from the border with Mexico and 5,000 miles of the border with Canada.

More than 20,000 of the organization’s officers ensure the safety of the nation to the screening passengers and cargo in more than 300 ports of entry.

Almost 1,000 air and maritime interdiction agents use their specialized training and high-tech equipment to prevent people, weapons, drugs and the transport of illegal entry by air and water.

More than 2,200 CBP Agriculture specialists work to limit the spread of harmful pests and plant and animal diseases that can damage the farms and food supply of the United States, and to avoid and agro-bioterrorism.

Almost 2,500 employees in the revenue positions of the organization collected more than $30 billion a year in taxes over the implementation of trade laws and customs and entry. These collections provide the second largest revenue for the government of the United States. In addition, they meet the Agency’s trade mission by evaluating and classifying imported products. These employees work in positions including specialist in importation, auditor, specialist in international trade and textile analyst.

Positions in operational and mission support

The organization has 8,000 employees who work in support of their occupations of first line. Here are just a few of the positions that contribute behind the scenes.

Operational Support: sector enforcement specialists, intelligence research specialists, paralegals and some organization’s technicians of the CBP.

Mission Support: management analysts, contract specialists, human resource specialists, IT specialists, mission support specialists, mechanics, budget analysts, purchasing agents and security specialists.

You can view all current vacancies of this organization by looking for at USAJobs Web site. (U SA JOBS)

All selected applicants must be U.S. citizens and must complete an in-depth investigation.

Summary of federal benefits for applicants:

This organization offers the complete range of Federal benefits to new employees:

Federal Employees retirement system (FERS) includes three components:

Thrift Savings plan

Social security

FERS basic annuity

 Health Insurance programs:

Federal employees health Benefits program (FEHB)

Federal Flexible spending accounts program (FSAFEDS)

Federal long-term care insurance Program (FLTCIP)

 Life Insurance:

Federal employees group life insurance (FEGLI)

Basic employee death benefit (BEDB) for FERS employees

SAMBA Employee Benevolent Fund

 Other employee benefits:

Days of personal leave for holiday, family care and illness

Paid training

Ten paid annual holidays

Transportation subsidy

Employee assistance program

 Other benefits that may be available:

Tuition Aid

Flexible working hours


Fitness Centers

Student loan repayment

To learn more about the benefits offered, visit the following web sites:

Office of Personnel Management (OPM) Federal Employees Health Benefits Programs

Office of Personnel Management (OPM) Federal Employees Health Benefits Programs

Office of Personnel Management (OPM) Eligibility for Federal Retirement Benefits

Office of Personnel Management (OPM) Eligibility for Federal Retirement Benefits

Thrift Savings Plan (Thrift Savings Plan)


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