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Wallmart is one of the biggest chains of super stores. It is not only their geographical operation that is big but they offers huge career enhancing job opening as well. To have an idea about the job openings and opportunity that it offers consider the fact that average sized Walmart store has more than 300 employees. Walmart offers two types of jobs, hourly and more senior level positions. Hourly jobs include “cash register operations”, “stockings” & “customer service” and senior positions offered are “managers”, “assistant managers” and “store managers”. The chain  also offers an opportunity for existing hourly staff to be promoted. Every year more than 100,000 hourly employees are internally promoted to senior positions. According to a survey more than half of all their managers started their career as hourly workers.

Facts About working at Walmart

How Old Do you have to be to apply

Minimum age for applying in Walmart is 16.

Hours Of Operation

Usually opens 24/7 with some exceptions in certain areas.

Available Position at Walmart

Following positions are available at stores worldwide: – Truck Driver, Bike Assembler, Photo Sales Associate, Tire Sales Associate, Automotive Technician, Automotive Sales Associate, Store Associate, Greeter, Cashier, Customer Service Representative, Maintenance Associate, Housekeeping Associate, Money Centers Associate, Stock Associate, Pharmacy Technician, Pharmacist, Optometrist, Electronics Sales Associate, Cart Retriever, Store Manager, Assistant Store Manager, Beauty Sales Associate.

Interview Tips

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Walmart Job Description and Salary Information

As a worldwide contributor to fight unemployment; Walmart offers more than 2 million job opportunities worldwide, both in part-time and full time categories. One or usually more below job openings are available at most stores at all times due to high turnover of staff.


Walmart offers this unique position in almost all its stores worldwide.  The greeter is required to meet and greet the customers coming in the store. For this position there is no prior experience required but an individual must be pleasant and well mannered. Greeter fills the hourly job slots at walmart.


Cashier at Walmart is mainly responsible for handling large sum of money. As needed, Cashier may also be used to perform various other tasks at the store as well. Starting pay of Cashier is around $8 per hour. Visit the link to know more about cashier’s job description and tips on interview

Stock Associate

Stock Associate is an important job in the shopping and groceries environment. Stock Associate is usually responsible for checking and maintaining the required quality and quantity of products in shelves. When needed stock person may also be used in minor cleaning and overall maintenance of the store.


Managers job at walmart is to monitor and implement store procedures. Managerial positions at Walmart include department supervisor, manager, assistant manager etc. Almost everyone at these positions is responsible for smooth day-to-day operation of the store, scheduling and motivating employees. Managerial level positions offer an attractive salary package of $30,000 – $50,000 per annum.

Walmart Employment Benefits

It is not only the salary that is attractive at the chain but the retail giant also offers employment benefits like flexible schedule, on job paid training, etc. Job benefits may vary from position to position and is not exclusive to employees only but covers the families of employees and workers as well.
Walmart also offers some of the most exciting and comprehensive benefits that include healthcare insurance, insurance against accident, retirement plan and many others. Some of the benefits that are rarely to be seen in the industry are stock purchasing options and military differential pay.
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More information About Walmart

Walmart forms a chain of departmental stores of over 10,500 unit (stores) worldwide giving staggering number of employment opportunities not only in United States but in 25 other countries of the globe. Walmart specializes in customer services resulting in 200 million happy customers each week.
Undoubtedly; a leader in the retail store business – Walmart is known to offer unbelievable discounts and that too on a consistent basis. Usually all stores are huge warehouse like structures offering almost everything you can imagine under one roof.

Special Services

Special services offered by Walmart is one those things that separates it from the rest of the lot. Special services include offerings like a separate division for Automotive, Pharmacy and on site clinics. Walmart Vision Center is also a special service offered where buyers can get affordable and stylish contact lenses and glasses. This special service by Walmart offers some of the top brands in the eye care industry. Customers can easily find brands like Biofinity, Air Optix, Acuvue, Baby Phat, Bolle, DNA, Fatheadz etc

Community Involvement

Walmart Corporation has always been a helpful contributor to the community. On a number of occasions Walmart has stood up and helped the sufferers of natural disasters by spending millions of dollars in the rehabilitation process. The company has always been aware of the environmental effects its operations may have. For this they have introduced hybrid transportation system which is environment friendly.


The company officially opened its first overseas store in 1992 in the Mexico City. Since then Walmart has never looked back and now has more than 4,000 international stores under several banners. Walmart has major operations in the following countries, UK, Mexico, Japan, India, China, Chile, Canada, Brazil etc. No matter where the store is located, it is operated under the same principles of high quality of customer services, loyalty and intriguing discounts.


The major chunk of Walmart’s sales come from United States but the company also trades publicly throughout the world in the busiest stock exchanges of the world, namely FRA, LIM etc. Walmart operates witch a stock name of WMT.

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