Linguistics courses

Free Linguistics training courses online

Free Linguistics Training Courses Online

If you are interested in exploring the fascinating world of Linguistics, look no further.  We offer free Linguistics courses from the finest universities in the world. Audio and video courses are available for download directly to your mp3 player or computer.

   Understanding Old English in the Context of Linguistics- Learners will find a free course presented by Dr. Stuart Lee, a member of the faculty of English at world-renowned Oxford University.  Old English is considered in the framework of history as well as in a social context.  Lectures also explore Old English in regards to literature, magic and religion.  This compelling and informative course is available in audio or video format.Podcast


 Exploring the Structure of English Words-Will Leben of Stanford University gives fascinating lecturesexploring the depth of the English language.  Both the origins of words and the constant changesof the English language will be covered.  English boasts the world’s largest vocabulary, with new words constantly entering into main stream usage, making for an engaging topic.  Audio downloads are available. –iTunes


 Free Literary Theory Course-With the inclusion of a lecture on the role linguistics plays in literature, this offering is sure to provide worthwhile insight into literary linguistic theory.  A must for those interested in both linguistics and literature, this course is taught by Paul H. Fry of Yale University.  Course content is covered in video lectures. Academic Earth


 Free Linguistics Lectures- The Department of Linguistics at The University of Arizona offers a well-regarded series of lectures on a variety of important linguistic and language topics which are available for free. Top academic experts delve into topics including phonetics, language acquisition, semantics and more.  The influences of these topics on modern day language are explored. –iTunes


 Understanding the Lexicon and its Features- A group of MIT professors offer enriching coursework in the area of linguistics.  All languages have distinguishing acoustic features and these are discussed in this course.  Different theories regarding this area of language are also covered in depth.  To add to your learning experience, lectures and other course materials are available for free. –MIT Open courseware


Exploration of Special Topics in Linguistics:  Genericity – Genericity in this course title refers to the topic of generic sentences.  The semantics of these seemingly simple sentences will be thoroughly explored, opening your eyes to new ways of thinking about language and linguistics.  Taught by Professor Paula Menendez-Benito of MIT, this is a great free offering which includes lectures and other materials. – MIT Open courseware


Discovering Topics in Linguistic Theory: Laboratory Phonology – MIT Professor Edward Flemming guides you in exploring topics of linguistic theory.  This course has an emphasis on phonetics and provides the background needed for further study in this key area.  Free online lecture notes and other course materials are available.–MIT Open courseware


Free Learning about Topics in Linguistic Theory:  Propositional Attitudes- MIT Professor Dr. Tamina Stephenson teaches the topic of propositional attitudes in semantics.  This specialized linguistic theory course will help take your learning in this discipline to the next level.  Lectures are available free. –MIT Open courseware


Free Overview Course:  Introduction to Linguistics-Offered by Professor Suzanne Flynn of MIT, this is a key introduction to the world of linguistics.  This study of human language offers never-ending possibilities and implications.  Language acquisition, commonalities between varied languages, and an overview of the complicated processes involved with language processes.  Lectures, as well as the syllabus, assignments and more are available for free.– MIT Open courseware


A Study of Language and Its Structure I: Phonology- Professor Michael Kenstowicz of MIT teaches this course, which is designed to give you an overview into how the sound systems in the numerous languages of our world compare to one another.  It also will cover the structure of language sound systems.   Lecture notes and other study materials for this informative class are available for free. – MIT Open courseware

A Study of Language and Its Structure II: Syntax- MIT Professor David Pesetsky offers a specialized view of syntax in this linguistics course.  This is a course which builds upon some knowledge of linguistics theory and will take students further in their efforts to understand syntax and the important role it plays in the study of language.  Free lecture notes as well as exams with solutions are available to advance your studies.– MIT Open courseware

An Exploration of Psycholinguistics– Language processing is covered in this MIT course given by Professor Edward Gibson.  Language structure, various aspects of processing, and language acquisition are all covered in an interesting and compelling format.  Lecture notes and other learning aids are available for free.– MIT Open courseware

Understanding Linguistic Theory and the Japanese Language-Taught by Professor Shigeru Miyagawa of MIT, this course examines linguistic theory through the framework of the Japanese language.  English and other languages will be compared with Japanese, all with a focus on linguistic theory.  An advanced offering, lecture notes and other class materials are available for free.– MIT Open courseware

 Advanced Topics in Semantics – This advanced class covers semantics theory as it relates in linguistics and language.  Free lecture notes by Professor Christopher Kennedy and Professor Irene Heim are available online to enrich your exploration in this area of study. – MIT Open courseware

 Advanced Topics in Phonology: Phonetic Realization– Taught by Professor Edward Flemming, this MIT graduate level course delves into phonetics as related to grammar.  This class is offered for free via lecture notes with audio samples.– MIT Open courseware

In-Depth Study of Syntactic Models – MIT Professor David Pesetsky leads this graduate level course which thoroughly explores the syntactic model.  A variety of relevant themes and a variety of approaches of study are presented in this free offering from one of the leading universities in the world. – MIT Open courseware

 Exploration ofSpeech Communication – MIT Professor Kenneth Stevens, author of Acoustic Phonetics, presents a variety of topics related to linguistics, speech, lexicon, phonetics, and other relevant areas.  Lecture notes are available for free. – MIT Open courseware

The Study of Abnormal Language –A compelling topic of language pathology, studied from the point of view of linguistic theory, is taught by Instructors Christopher Hirsch and Professor Ken Wexler.  Free class materials are available. – MIT Open courseware

   An Exploration of Language Acquisition – Language acquisition is one of the main topics explored by linguists. Structure of language and language learning theories are covered by Professor Ken Wexler of MIT.  Course materials are available for free. – MIT Open courseware