How the Udemy marketing qualification has redefined professional business education

An international qualification in marketing accomplishes more than equipping candidates with a versatile set of skills: it also provides them with a unique ability to relate to professional clients with whom they interact, in a rather impressive way. Being enriched with The Udemy International Marketing Diploma, developed and taught by Adriaan Brits (MSC, Oxford) could lead to a rather comprehensive marketing foundation.  This exceeds the level of real world cases offered by some traditional University degrees in marketing. All this, coupled with the fact that it is available online, means that it is fast becoming the number one choice for thousands of learners around the world who seeks to distinguish themselves whilst improving their marketing careers.

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The historic path for marketing qualifications used to be through University degrees, college diplomas and other professional associations that enable learners to proof academic competence in their field. Adriaan Brits, the course developer studied various pathways including the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) and the Institute of Digital and Direct Marketing alongside the MSC in Marketing from Oxford. He acknowledged that the American Marketing Association (AMA) and other associations are better off to focus on industry endorsement rather than tuition.

In today’s world, international marketing professionals want to know more than what the average University teaches: Beyond theoretical models of “what”, they also want to know “how” to engage China and Africa successfully as new frontiers. They want to know how to relate to India and Latin America and how to best forge international relations on the basis of mutual respect and development. It is certainly no co-incidence that the new Asian Development Bank will focus on the rise of Asia and that the International marketing diploma offers such a comprehensive approach towards Asian inclusion in the latest academic modules. Consequently, we see a rise in the number of students from Argentina, Brazil, South Africa, Turkey, China/ Hong Kong, Australia, Colombia, Canada, Egypt, Dubai, the United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, India, Indonesia and Thailand who are now completing the diploma through Udemy. Since funding and free courses are not always available and Universities can charge high fees for the same qualifications, some learners have accessed the course through coupon’s and others through local contacts. A key feature of the Udemy international marketing diploma is certainly that it is very affordable and accessible.

World class marketing literature:

Academic literature endorses includes authors such as Philip Kotler, Dave Chaffey, Svend Hollensen, Dibb & Simkin as well as more practitioner oriented styles such as Guy Kawasaki, Grant Cardone, Seth Godin and even Athony Robbins for personal development. Learners can expect to see a reasonable amount of academic references and a very inspiring reading list to enhance the experience. Books and e-books can be used to study alongside the Udemy modules.

Real world experiences for business professionals:

Professional learners are always concerned about spoiled youngsters whose parents pay high fees to send them to University – who often lack business and real world experience to enable meaningful participation. The Udemy course is designed for the real world and attracts participation from top level executives around the world. This is truly awesome news for anyone who cannot afford a Harvard, Oxford or European University qualification: Personal goals can still be reached in a shorter, more efficient timeframe.

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