International Marketing Diploma

Marketing qualifications are for people who are serious about maximising their revenue and career potential in business. However it is useful to note that the ultimate earnings of professional marketers are determined by their personal attributes and skills. In fact many markers have no formal qualifications. Therefore, the cost of your qualification is not directly related to your earning potential as a marketing consultant. With a Marketing qualification, high performing sales people often earn in excess of $200 000 per year. These people include real estate agents, luxury sales advisors, legal and medical sales professionals, marketing managers and international traders. Throughout the USA, ASIA/CHINA, Europe, Africa and the Middle East there is a need for professional marketers, which is reflected in their substantially high earnings.

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A University degree, college diploma marketing or certificate in marketing are frequent pathways used by marketing professionals in order to proof academic competence in their field. However many organizations such as the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), American Marketing Association (AMA) and also the Institute of Digital and Direct Marketing merely approve qualifications of certificate and degree programs offered by other institutions and it can often take months to complete qualifications. In fact if you have professional experience and then attend University later to obtain a professional marketing qualification, you may find it somewhat frustrating to be amongst rich and spoiled young individuals without any life or professional experience, whose parents paid for their tuition. We all know that the UK and Australia run University classes, often packed full of learners who can hardly speak any English and then charge a fortune for those courses. Mature students or experience business people may want to pursue a more pragmatic pathway to obtain a credible marketing qualification quickly. Perhaps by studying over several weekends, one month, or even intensively within one week.

What is the best way to prepare for a career in Marketing, or to obtain a legitimate qualification? If you are already engaged professionally in the field, should you really go to University?
The International Marketing Diploma, accredited by Udemy, is the perfect solution. Udemy is the world’s largest online learning provider and offers a unique opportunity and credible pathway to become qualified as a professional marketer.

The cost of obtaining a marketing diploma:
Obtaining a marketing qualification could be the best move you ever made! Remember that you do not have to pay thousands of dollars for an expensive qualification in order to have a very successful career. In marketing, it is about your professionalism, attitude and personal skills. Here are some guidelines as to the cost of various qualifications:
Institution: Udemy International Marketing Diploma:
Price range: $99 to $299
Overview: Enroll online via Udemy, or try to find a discount coupon. This highly sought after qualification is already used by more than 2000 professionals around the world and is taught by experienced marketers.

Institution: USA or European University, MSC degree in marketing
Price range: $6000 to $45 000
Overview: MSC qualifications are typically for those holding a very senior role in marketing but who lack a formal qualification. It is also useful for graduates who seek to convert to marketing, although this method can be both expensive and time consuming.

Institution: USA or European college certificate or diploma in marketing
Price range: $750 to $3000

Overview: Diplomas or certificates are fast track options, often preferred by those employed in marketing, or seeking future career opportunities. For example, a dentist or engineer may be excellent at their profession, but may lack awareness on how to promote or position their business and therefore enrol on a professional marketing qualification.

How to use the Udemy International marketing Diploma as a fast track qualification to enable a highly paid position in marketing:
Step 1: Enrol for the diploma course with Udemy. This can be completed in a short time.
Step 2: Upon completion, add some digital skills such as a short Digital marketing certificate and a one day course in the use of Google Analytics.
Step 3: Consolidate your knowledge by reading online blogs from industry professionals. Then, release a few online articles expressing your opinions on marketing issues in the world.
Step 4: Update your CV and LinkedIn profiles to indicate that you now hold the Udemy International Marketing Diploma as a qualification.

Often we delay our success or become distracted from our ultimate goals. You should consider fast tracking your success by starting today. The link below will provide you with a 50% discount, lifetime access and full certification of the International Marketing Diploma:

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