New entrepreneurs course: E-book publishing to reach millions of readers worldwide

Yes, there are 3 billion e-book readers in the world and this is growing quickly.

Yes, now is the best time to OWN an e-book publishing company, even if you’re not a great writer. (Read more here) 

After observing just a few best-selling authors on their strategy, it became clear that many of them were only a best-seller in one small Kindle category on Amazon and that there was still many unexploited channels – where thousands of customers were waiting to buy more e-books.

How it all happened:

A new acquisition in publishing invited me to help grow their business as a consultant. So one of our first steps was to reverse-engineer and analyse up to five best sellers, to understand their tactics. As market researchers and digital specialists, we were very successful at doing this. In fact: we now know exactly which steps are required to achieve excellent results on Apple iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Kindle and the Kobo Bookstore. I also learned that many people who do distribute their books on the right channels, are not good writers, but they are excellent marketers, which is why they generate a very good monthly income from publishing.

The research also convinced me that there is an opportunity for at least 200 more companies and 5000 more authors to help solve the needs of the market, by creating and selling the sort of e-books 3 billion people are looking for!

Yes, my clients have paid me a very decent rate for the consulting – a few thousand, but I guess that the whole point of the sharing economy, is that I am able to pass the benefit onto you here at Udemy for a lot less. You can find every single thing you need to know about the entire process on this course. You will have no excuse anymore: The business you always dreamed of, which is an automated income pilot, is now within reach!

You’re invited to connect with me so that we can work together on this. Here is what I propose:

My responsibility: To coach you through every step you need to take: From starting your business, through to retiring financially when you sell that business to cashed up investors.

Your responsibility: Complete the course and be prepared to work hard at becoming a successful publisher.


Now if you get in early, I will have more time dedicated to help you and provide specific answers to your questions – as later on the course will probably become very busy. Therefore, I would like to invite just 100 people to join the course for a really silly price so that they have absolutely no excuse to reach their dreams.

Here is the link– I look forward to see you on the course soon!

Kind regards



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