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Business Decisions: Economic Analysis This is a free course offered by Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Students in this course are given the knowledge of the analytical tools that bear most directly on the economic decisions that firms make regularly.

Financial and Managerial Accounting: An Introduction This is a free course offered by Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The course emphasizes on the basic concepts of financial and managerial reporting.

Investment Course The course by Massachusetts Institute of Technology teaches students on how to make sound investment decisions through in-depth knowledge on the financial markets.

Game Theory: A Managers Course This course at Massachusetts Institute of Technology teaches students on how to examine the choices that they make which in one way or another affect other and how the choices others make affect them.

The Use of Financial Statements in Business Analysis The free course offered by MIT enables students advance their understanding of how they can employ financial information to value and analyze different firms.

Statistics: An Introduction This is a free course offered by Carnegie Mellon University. The course gives students a solid foundation which will be a starting point for their indulgence in Business Lectures.

Macroeconomic Systems The course is offered freely by the University of California, Berkeley to give students lectures on the general overview of Microeconomics.

 Digital Enterprise Management This free course is created and presented by Prof. Michael Rappa, the founder of the Institute of Advanced Analytics. The course is meant to help students in areas ranging from design to online ethics.

Strategic Planning and Execution This is a free online course presented by SmallBizU. It covers topics that include setting goals, devising strategies defining purpose and mission and many more.

E-Marketing & Social Networking The free course is presented by Rich Brooks. It covers the basics of marketing from E-commerce to SEO especially for those getting started with online marketing.

Business Probability and Statistics: An Introduction Here Prof Philip Stark of University of California, Berkeley presents videos of a lecture in which he shared his views with his students in a class room setting.

An Introduction to Principles and Concepts of Supply Chain Management & Logistics This is free course presented by Richard Wilding of Cranfield University. The course focuses on the management of relationships with all stakeholders to deliver superior customer value at less cost to the supply chain.

Entrepreneurship Technology This course is a presentation by Chuck Eesley of Stanford University. The course introduces the fundamentals of technology entrepreneurship pioneered in Silicon Valley and now influencing other locations around the globe.

Entrepreneurship and Business Planning This is an audio course offered freely by Mark Juliano, an active entrepreneur. The topics covered by Mark include: idea generation, company formation, funding, writing a business plan, sales & marketing, IPOs and acquisitions, and giving an investor presentation.


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