Free Philosophy training courses online

Problems in Philosophy This is a free course offered by MIT to give the students who are interested in it a sense of what philosophers think about and the reasons behind it and get the students thinking philosophically themselves.

Brain Science: The Philosophical Issues The free undergraduate course offered by MIT gives students an introduction to important philosophical questions about the mind with emphasis on those that are intimately connected with contemporary psychology and neuroscience.

Western Philosophy Classics MIT offers this free course to students by introducing them to the Western philosophical tradition, through the study of major figures such as Plato, Aristotle, Descartes, Hume, and Kant. The lecture materials for the course are also provided periodically as the student progresses with the course.

Quantum Mechanics: Philosophy In this course, Prof. Edward Hall of MIT discusses philosophical questions about science that quantum mechanics raises in new and interesting ways: e.g., what it means to attribute probabilities to physical events? Ancient Philosophy In this free course by MIT the students are acquainted with some of the ancient Greek contributions to the Western philosophical and scientific tradition. The students will also examine a broad range of central philosophical themes.

Film and Other Media Philosophy MIT in this course that they offer enables students  examines works of film in relation to thematic issues of philosophical importance that also occur in other arts, particularly literature and opera. At the end of the course, there are no tests or quizzes, however students write two major papers on media/philosophical research topics of their choosing.

Love Philosophy In the Western World In this course offered freely to all by MIT students learn the nature of love and sex, approached as topics both in philosophy and in literature.

Global Justice in Political Philosophy In this course administered by a group of lecturers from MIT explores the foundations and content of norms of justice that apply beyond the borders of a single state. 


Philosophy of The Environment In this free course, a lecturer at Notre Dame University; Kenneth Sayre, presents a set of videos that will guide the students through the course.

Literature & Film Existentialism Here Hubert Dreyfus of the University of California, Berkeley presents a set of videos that were recorded earlier on as he share his thoughts on the course with his students.

Philosophy: A General View This free course offers a series of audio lecture files presented by Peter Millican as he taught the course to his students at Oxford University. The video to those audio files are also available for interested students.

Critical Reasoning: A Beginners Course This is a free six-week course that is presented by Marianne Tablot a lecturer at the Oxford University. The course teaches the students all about arguments

Hegel’s Science of Logic Here Richard Dien Winfield presents a number of audio files which were a recording of previous lectures that he was giving to his students on Hegel’s Science of Logic.

Political Philosophy:  The History In this course Wendy Brown a lecture at The University of California, Berkeley presents videos that were pre recorded and in her previous lectures and can be downloaded by interested students.

Political Philosophy: An Introduction Here Prof. Steven Smith of Yale University presents Videos and course pages to interested students. He covers in this course the polis experience, the sovereign state, constitutional government and democracy.

Critique of Judgment by Kant JM Bernstein of New School provides recordings of the course lectures’ as they were taught previously to students in a classroom setting.


Critique of Pure Reason by Kant This course is offered freely and presented by Prof. Dan Robinson of the Oxford University in a series of video recording of the course that are also available for download at no cost.

Free Nietzche, Kierkegaard and Sarte Lectures Here Walter Kaufmann presents lectures on the course to any interested student through the information available on his website.

Western Literature: Man, God and Society This is a free course presented by lecture at University of California, Berkeley: Hubert Dreyfus in form of audio recordings obtained for his previous lecture sections to his students.

Morality and Modernity Here David Solomon of the University of Notre Dame presents a series of videos and slides that cover the whole course as taught by him.

Language Philosophy This course is administered to students online by John Searle, a lecture at University of California, Berkeley through a series of files that are available for download at no fee.

Religious Philosophy The course contains a series of eight lectures presented by Dr. T.J Mawson at The Oxford University. In these lectures in form of audio recordings, Dr. T.J Mawson discusses the course into detail.

 Societal Philosophy John Searle of the University of California, Berkeley presents the course in video recordings of previous lectures where he was sharing his thoughts and views with his students.

Laws of Plato In this course Leo Strauss a lecturer at the University of Chicago presents audio recordings of his lecture with his students. The lecture audio files are made available for download by interested students.

A course on Plato’s Republic Laurence Bloom of the University of Georgia presents audio recordings of the whole course as was taught earlier on in class.

 Tibet’s Central Philosophy This free course is taught by Prof. Robert Thurman at Columbia University. He explores the philosophical thought of Indo-Tibetan Buddhism. Here the course is administered in form of audio recordings that can be listened to online or downloaded.

The Minds Nature Here John Joseph Campbell of The University of California, Berkeley presents a set of audio recording of that are available for download. The files are from previous lecture that he was giving to his students.

A Course on The Examined Life In this free course presented by Prof. Greg Reiham of Lehigh University, students will learn what makes life meaningful, and what makes it work living. In an effort to answer these questions the learners will examine many basic questions of philosophy.


The Self Culture This free course by Michael Foucault provides a set of audio files of previous lectures at the University of California, Berkeley.

Western social Theory: The History Here, Alan MacFarlane of Cambridge University presents a set of videos of his previous class sessions with his students as he shared his views with them.

Philosophy Without Any Gaps: The History In this free course, Peter Adamson of King’s Colleague, London takes the students through the history of Western Philosophy beginning with the ancient thinkers to giants as well as Pilato and Aristotle as well as lesser known figures.

Politics’ Moral Foundation Prof. Ian Shapiro of Yale University takes the online students through the course to enable them get the required knowledge through a set of video recordings of his previous lectures.