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If you want to get into the world of Psychology, you are at the right place; we offer free Psychology courses from the world’s top most universities. These audio and video courses can be downloaded directly to your mp3 player or computer.


  • Understanding the structure of the brain and its origins: Here learners can find a free course presented by Gerald Schneider at MIT which is useful and engaging. It is fully downloadable via iTunes and popular amongst academics. Learn all about brain and its connections – iTunes


  • Basic Ideas about Buddhism Psychology– For those learners who want to broaden their vision and understand the different useful ways used by the Buddhist Psychologists. This free course by Eleanor Rosch from UC Berkeley will help you increase your knowledge to a great extent- iTunes
  • Free Clinical Psychology Course- Learn about the integration of science theory and clinical knowledge to understand, prevent and relieve psychological l based dysfunction or distress and promote personal development and subjective well being. This free interactive course byAnn Kring from UC Berkeley has all the information for Clinical Psychology-iTunes



  • Special Free course on Cognitive Neuroscience– This free course includes a study of scientific and biological substrates about cognition particularly focusing on the neural substrates of mental processes. This free downloadable course by Richard Ivry from UC Berkeley answers the questions about how psychological  or cognitive functions are produced by the brain. This can be downloaded via iTunes – iTunes


  • Different Communication and Conflict in Families and Couples– This free course by UCLA Psychology Prof. Benjamin Karney gives video lectures focusing on relationship and their connections to individual psychopathology, family disruption and marital discord. – YouTube


  •  Free Developmental Psychology Course– You can download this free course via iTunes by Alison Gopnik from UC Berkeley. He shares the scientific study of changes that take place in human beings over the course of their life time. This course examines changes over a broad range of subjects such as motor skills and other psycho-physiological processes and cognitive development.- iTunes


  • Learn free of cost about General Psychology– This free course presented by Johan Kihlstrom from UC Berkeley includes the scientific study of mental behaviors and functions. This free course via iTunes helps in understanding individuals and groups by both researching specific cases and establishing general principles.- iTunes Audio
  • How to Think Like a Psychologist–  This free course includes topics by Multiple Professors from Stanford featuring many everyday examples that include exercises to think critically and to relate the material to misconceptions and impediments to understanding psychology.- iTunes Video
  • Secrets to Human Emotion–  In psychology, emotion is the common term for  subjective conscious experience characterized primarily by psycho physiological expressions, mental states and biological reactions.Dacher Keltner from UC Berkeley has shared his experience about the emotional states in this free course – iTunes Audio
  • How to Discover Human Happiness?- This free course by Dacher Keltner from UC Berkeley focuses on aspects of mental or emotional state of well being characterized by pleasant or positive emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy.This can be downloaded for free via iTunes- iTunes
  • Introduction to Psychology– Get to learn what is Psychology including the scientific study of mental processes and behavior. Learn about the various spheres of human activity and the treatment of mental illness in this free course by Paul Bloom from Yale. YouTube – iTunes Audio – iTunes Video – Download CourseiTunes – MP3s
  • Introduction to Psychology– Another free course on the introduction of Psychology presented by John Gabrieli at MIT can help you grasp more ideas in this field.- YouTube
  • Scientific Approaches to Consciousness–  This free course offered by Professor John F. Kihlstrom of UC Berkeley will examine the nature of interdisciplinary perspective of connitive science and human consciousness.The course covers topics ranging from cognitive linguistics, philosophy of mind, neuroscience, computational models and psychology.- iTunes Audio – YouTube
  • Free Course on Behavioral Neuroscience– Behavioral neuroscience also called as biological psychology or psychobiology is the application of the principles of neurobiology.  This free course presented by Gerald Schneider at MIT explain about the study of physiological, genetic and developmental mechanisms of human behaviors.- iTunes – Download Course
  • Neural Networks and Biological Modeling– This free course presented by Wolfram Gerstner of Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne introduces the use of biological modeling techniques to describe  the aspects of neuronal activity  and discuss about the neuronal dynamics, memory and learning. – Web Video
  • Research and Data Analysis in Psychology– In this free course offered by Frederic Theunissen from UC Berkeley you can learn about the prospects of getting to grips by analyzing data with designing research. This free course is really usefull for all undergraduate psychology students- YouTube – iTunes Video
  • The Psychology, Biology and Politics of Food– This free course by Prof. Kelly D. Brownell from Yale encompasses the study of eating as it affets the well being of every individual. Prof. Kelly D. Brownell have described topics such as taste preferences, the regulation of hunger, food aversions and social norms of blame for food.- Download Course
  • The New Psychology of Depression– In this free course by Mark Williams and Danny Penman at Oxford the recent scientific advances that have radically changed our understanding of depression and related disorder has been discussed. They have also thrown light upon the therapies and latest treatments that could help those suffereing from depression.- iTunes Audio – Web Audio
  • Social Psychology: Self and Society–  A free course by Robb Willer from UC Berkeley describes about the scientific study of the way people think, behave and fee in social situations. This free course introduces you to the research methods, perspectives and empirical findings of social psychology.

Get into the world of Social Psychological aspects- iTunes Audio

·         Psychology of Dreams at UC Berkeley

The various lectures in this course includes topics such REM, and sleep, clinical aspects of sleep and dreaming, the functions of dreaming and sleep research conducted at UC Berkeley.

·         Psychology of Gender at MIT

 In this course the validity and utility gender differences are being examined. The different topics discussed comprise social construction of gender, gender differences and cognitive abilities, political and economic forces and family and educational influences.

·         Clinical Psychology at UC Berkeley

This course covers various research techniques that are used in the area of clinical psychology. Students can learn about diagnosis, paradigms, dissociative disorders, anxiety disorders and the history of clinical psychology.