Free religion training courses online

The Old Testament: An Introduction (Hebrew Bible) This is a free course offered by Yale University through videos that are presented by Christine Hayes. The videos are recordings from the previous sessions where the lecture was sharing with her students in the same university.

New Testament History and Literature: An Introduction The course is presented by Prof. Dale B. Martin of Yale University through a series of video recordings that are available online to all interested students at no cost.

Religious Philosophy The course contains a series of eight lectures presented by Dr. T.J Mawson at The Oxford University. In these lectures in form of audio recordings, Dr. T.J Mawson discusses the course into detail.

Tibet’s Central Philosophy This free course is taught by Prof. Robert Thurman at Columbia University. He explores the philosophical thought of Indo-Tibetan Buddhism. Here the course is administered in form of audio recordings that can be listened to online or downloaded.

The Hebrew Scriptures in Judaism & Christianity This is a free course offered by Harvard University and facilitated by Shaye J. D. Cohen. The course surveys how the interpretation (and reinterpretation) of these books spawned two rival cultural systems, Judaism and Christianity.

The Seeker This is a free course containing a ten lesson bible study whose main aim is to help non Christians discover the will of God for their lives.

World Bible School This school offers free bible correspondence courses to interested students all over the world.

Buddhist Studies The course is offered freely to all interested in the history of Buddha, His teachings, Buddhist History and Culture and supplementary study material.

Latino Theology and Christian Traditions The free course is offered at Notre Dame University to interested students online. The students in this course will examine the development of Latino religion and theology in the United States and how U.S. Latina and Latino theologians have articulated the meaning and implications for Christian living of core theological topics such as Christology, worship, evangelization, and social justice.


Religious Anthropology This is a free course offered by Utah State University which provides lecture notes, videos, audio files and assignments. During the course, the students will analyze religion theoretically as a cultural phenomenon.

Religions of the World The free course is offered by Southern Nazarene University and the students who take this course will learn the beliefs and practices of the religions (other than Christianity) of our world.

Religious Study This is a free introductory course offered by The Open University to any interested students online. The students who pursue this course will have an opportunity to think about some of the key concepts and methods of the discipline of Religious Studies.

Themes and Issues in Today’s Religion The course is offered by The Open University to provide interested students an informed understanding of the contemporary world thus enabling them appreciate  the role of religion in shaping ideas, world-views and actions that have an impact on the social as well as on the personal life of individuals.

Biblical and Historical Foundations of Theology The course is freely facilitated by Prof. Gary Anderson of Notre Dame University. The course familiarizes students with the contents of the Bible and the development of the early Church.