Sciences – Astronomy

Free Astronomy training courses online

Cosmology: An Introduction James Bullock presents video and audio files that were recorded earlier as he shared his thoughts with his students at the University of California, Berkeley

Astrophysics: An Introduction In this free course by the University of California, Berkeley; presents recordings of the course lectures that he taught to his students earlier on at the university.

Astrophysics: Frontiers and Controversies The course is offered freely by Yale University focuses on three particularly interesting areas of astronomy that are advancing very rapidly: Extra-Solar Planets, Black Holes, and Dark Energy.

 An Introduction to Astrobiology and Space Exploration Here Professor Lynn Rothschild presents a video to online students. The video is a recording of the previous lecture that he had with his students at Stanford University.

Earth, Mars and The solar System In this free course, Carl Sagan of Cornell University presents a set of six videos that enrich online students with knowledge on the solar system.

Planets, Stars, Galaxies and the Universe The course that contains Twelve lessons takes students through the universe and all its components. It is offered freely at Penn State University.

The solar System The free course is offered by MIT to any interested online students. The students at the end of the course will have covered all about the universe and the planets, orbits, comets and asteroids.

Observing Stars and Planets The free course is offered by MIT enabling the students to covers background for and techniques of visual observation, electronic imaging, and spectroscopy of the Moon, planets, satellites, stars, and brighter deep-space objects.

Physics and Detection Techniques of Extra Solar Planets This free course offered by MIT covers the basic principles of planet atmospheres and interiors applied to the study of extra solar planets. The students who take the course online receive selected lecture notes and assignments.

Elementary Astronomy This is a free course from the University of Utah focusing on the formation and existence of the solar system. The students who take the course online are given informative handouts with illustrations

Astronomy: The Fundamentals The course is offered by Battavia University to students online at no cost. The course is presented to John D. and it gives students the fundamental knowledge on the universe and its components.

The Early Universe Massachusetts Institute of Technology offers this course to online students who are interested. The course mainly focuses on the big-bang theory and the particle theory.

The Big Bang The free course is offered by the Open University to online students. The course introduces the students to the theory of the Big Bang and will present the three main lines of experimental evidence that support this theory.

Jupiter and its Moons The free course focuses on introducing the students to the solar system’s largest planet and its major satellites including the history of their exploration.

Active Galaxies: An Introduction The Open University offers this free course to interested students online. It examines the different types of active galaxy and looks at the crucial role of the active galactic nucleus and the energy source at its heart.


The Moon This course that is offered by the Open University teaches students about the nearest planetary body to Earth: the missions to the Moon, the basic facts of its composition, the cratering on its surface, and the ancient eruptions that flooded many low-lying areas.

The Restless Universe The course introduces the students to the theories that have existed from the 16th century. The Open University is behind the free provision of the course.

The Sun The course was developed by the Open University and it is freely offered to students online to help them explore the workings of the brightest star in our universe looking at its structure and the main processes taking place within it.

Comparing Stars Open University offers this course freely to interested students thereby providing them with knowledge on the Hertz sprung–Russell diagram, an essential tool in understanding the nature of stars. 

An Introduction to Telescopes and Spectrographs Students who takes this free course online offered by the Open University gain knowledge and skills on how telescopes and spectrographs are designed to improve their ability to observe the universe.