The website 4shared is the place where students would want to keep their critical files as a back up just in case their hard disk crashes. Compared to other popular cloud storage services, 4sherared has gone an extra mile to offer up to 10 GB of free space. As if that was not enough any student that is willing to verify his email is automatically added an additional 5 GB.


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4shrerard.com: A website to save all your files

The uploading process on 4sherard is very simple. Just drag and drop whatever file you want and it will transfer it to its servers. This is the website that a researcher or somebody writing a PhD would want to rely on to share files with other colleagues. That is because sharing content uploaded on the website is as easy as sharing a link to a file.

What most students are going to enjoy on this file storage site is that there is always new content to be discovered. A search engine is integrated into the platform so one can always type a keyword based on the kind of file he is looking for. You will be surprised at the amazing things you can find on 4sharard.com. It is a must for people attending college.

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