is an email service offered by the world biggest search engine, Google. Google started venturing outside its core business to email services in 2004. originally started as an invitation-only email platform. Today it is is one of the most used email service on the net. A lot of student use it to keep in touch with friend and their lecturers. The search giant generates revenues from the service by advertising based on keywords used in the messages exchanged on the platform.


The fastest growing email service offers the best storage space for messages

Initially Google’s email service started out by offering a 1 GB space for use for each user that would sign up for it. The storage size significantly increased over the years and currently a user can enjoy as much as 15 GB to store files between all the different services that Google has to offer (Gmail, Google+, Google drive).

The size of files that can be attached to an email has also increased to 25 MB, relatively larger than most other email services. The navigation system on is very friendly and that might have something to do with the search integration that enables the user to quickly find the mail he is interested in. Google’s email service loads really fast and that is probably why students enjoy using it. If you’ve now signed up for an account yet, this is the time.

The storage capacity of Gmail is indeed a formidable contender with 

To conclude: reasons why is for you:

1. It is 100% free – no cost to users;

2. Premium business options are available to grow your business with Gmail file storage and related services

3. Relatively secure and a market leader;

4. Multi-lingual interface – so really it is useful to people around the world

5. It has a great reputation in the industry. 

We recommend that users try both services or possibly a combination of both in order to leverage the maximum benefit it has to offer.

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