The site is a webcam type site where various personalities can meet. It really is a replacement therapy for people meeting in person, thus the virtual environment would suffice for these users.

5 Things that is impressive about

1. The design is fast and flexible, so it uploads quickly;

2. The navigation is responsive and easy to follow;

3. The screen resolution is perfect and not too slow, in fact faster than other competitors;

4. It has the worlds greatest variety of stars all in one place;

5. It is multilingual and available in several countries.

The concept of started off small, however it grew disproportionately due to a very significant demand for the service. It is forecasted that LiveJasmin could run up to compete with big players such as Facebook and Twitter, given it’s popularity. The page views per user and engagement time on the actual site is phenomenal to say the least.

Revenue model:

LiveJasmin makes it’s revenue in the following ways:

1. from both advertising as in display type ads;

2. By receiving a commission on payments for video chat interaction;

3. By charging premium members  a fee (advertisers and followers)


It is argued that this level of innovation is unrivaled in the online industry, with a current global rank of 103 out of billions of sites, this is a significant achievement. LiveJasmine has become to the web’s cam users what CNN has become to the worlds news watchers: A mainstream utility with a very strong following. Camming on LiveJasmin is set to become a serious career for many. It has Jasmin participators from Italy, The USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Spain, Romania, Japan, Bulgaria and all around the world. Brazil, Argentina and Colombia also have a strong level of support for the cam chat service.



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