is a social network where people can meet and learn about different things. is based in Nairobi Kenya, with the aim of networking among people from local and international communities. You can also learn about new events and projects which are worth to share on other social networks. The site is well organized, and users have the privilege of engaging in group work. Although the site is used for social networking, regional users can use this site to learn about Kenya and what it has to offer. Another great factor about this domain is that you can create your own work group and post it on this site for further development. Each group consists of a number of members, depending on the objective of the group and the number of people who are interested in that particular field.  This means that there is no limitation on the number of people that join in one particular group.


Features of is considered to be a network for business vendors. Here you can be able to find other people who are venturing in similar businesses as you are and have the opportunity to link with them. These groups used to empower individual who are business oriented. You can also use this domain to share projects and ideas at any given time. Below are other features available at

  • has a calendar which you can use as a group to plan events and also to set group meetings.
  • The site also has a gallery where you can post photos of nature and even photos of your group.
  • The groups are divided into different forums, which make it easy for new users to find a group that suits them best.
  • Newbies can become part of any group by registering using their E-mail address.
  • The site also features language optimization, where users can switch to other languages such as Española, French and Italian.

What does has to offer in the future. aids international users in learning about Nairobi Kenya. It is also a platform where users can interact or engage in group work with people from other regions.

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