The company profile for
Bill gates and Steve Balmer are big names in Microsoft – and as the worlds largest software company which provides operating systems for computers worldwide as well as complex word processing and other applications, it is one of the most formidable tech giants which were ever established.
Apple and Microsoft:
Steve Jobs and Bill Gates developed the term “Frenemies” which refers to a relationship where people are both friends and enemies. The co-operative model bemicrosoft.comtween the two companies means that had a good working relationship with Apple and others.

The strategy:

It is hard to define from a neutral perspective – especially where so many competition laws interfere in an organizations strategy, for example Microsoft who owns Bing, were not allowed to push Bing as the only search provider – but were instead forced to provide names of others too, including Google and Yahoo in it’s applications. This means that their strategy of taking over all areas of the market due to referral stemming from it’s referral could not succeed. It’s strategy today is simply to be in all corners of the globe an to provide software which businesses cannot work without.
Things that define’s as an organization:
1. The largest provider of software in history
2. It’s owner has been the richest man in the world at one stage
3. Multiple organizations worldwide uses it’s software
4. A market cap which is not rivalled by any other world player
Government linked organizations: Schools, Universities and most major institutions around the globe make use of the Microsoft operating system as well as it’s applications.

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