is like the Vietnamese version of Apple’s iTunes store for music. If you are looking for any latest song from Vietnam this is the destination to head to. There are all kinds of collections available grouped according to the taste of the user. Popular artists making wave in the country have their songs featured there. Those songs can easily be downloaded to a phone or an mp3 player for a long term enjoyment.
Vietnamese site for music The destination for Vietnamese music

Aside from Mp3 songs, there are also many entertainment clips available. You will be surprised to see how well Vietnamese can rap. They are actually involved in all style of music, including RnB, Pop and rock. Some of the renown Vietnamese artists are Akira Phan, Bao Thy, Anh Tuan Bui, and Cao Thai Son. All students of the country visit the site on daily basis to make sure they are up to date with the latest song. is not only about songs made in Vietnam. In fact it is common to bump into other Asian songs on the website. One popular name that might ring a bell is PSY. Most of his songs are available on the website. is just a reference website for music.

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