Nuvid is an online video display site. Watch over 80000 Videos which are uploaded from around the world by over 2 million users and see why it is so popular.

The site started off small and is hosted in Europe, with an administrative contact in London, however it has grown to receive it’s largest percentage of viewers from the USA – and second largest from Germany. What is interesting is that there is an almost equal percentage of male and female viewers making use of Nuvid.

Here is reasons is popular:

1. It’s load speed is better than other websites;

2. The layout encourages more exploration of videos;

3. It has over 30 categories and a cam section;

4. is responsive and can be used across various devices

5. Nuvid is updated with some of the best content on the web.


The business model explained:

By allowing free uploads and views, it attracts a large following of viewers. Advertisers then pay to advertise on Nuvid. Some by impressions, others by actual visits. With a vast visitor count of more than 4 million per year, it would seem that could be estimated that make in excess of $80K per month.

Thus, the overwhelming source of content is user submitted videos.

Is this a great business model? Certainly, Nuvid is one of the most successful networks around and is rapidly growing.

News about Nuvid: Stay in touch as we will be reviewing and adding relevant news on a regular basis.

Disclaimer: It would seem that users need to be older than 18 to access the site, we have used it as an example of a business idea which web developer students can learn from.

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