The Microsoft online portal is a powerful and dynamic area where one can access various Apps. Accessing portal.microsoftonline.com is an all in one gateway which is highly recommended. E-learning data and various resources could be stored using this free service.

Office365 Microsoft online portal

Microsoft online portal

Microsoft office 365:

The office 365 which is accessed via portal.microsoftonline.com as a mail section. “Mail365” has several templates, huge storage and would incur no charge to the user.  Users can make use of the premium service and subscribe to a package that offers services such as database storage and office/excel programs at no charge. One note 2013 is now an added resource which can be used for users – they can also collaborate with other users in different time zones.

Free Microsoft office, excel and powerpoint for students?

Portal.microsoftonline.com is a division of Microsoft and Microsoft Office, Excel and powerpoint are applications used widely in businesses and universities. Currently there are free trial versions of the software, however to obtain a fully functional version, the user has to pay a fee. In the case of students, Microsoft has a special offer whereby it provides a significant discount, thus a “student discount” on most Microsoft packages.

What is useful about the Microsoft portal – is that users of office products, can use the “sky drive” to save files in the cloud, so there are no limitations in terms of data storage – this is indeed useful for those who work with handheld devices that run short of storage.

3 reasons: Why use Portal.Microsoftonline.com?

1. Most of the service is free, except for some business features, so really this will not cost anything to get started;

2. Students love it – as it is an extension of their learning environment; It integrates so well with Moodle and other sharing applications.

3. Microsoft is an innovative company who will always improve the service; This means that you can sign up, continue to use it and always benefit when they bring the next level of improvement.

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