For students who want to watch entertaining videos online. is a good website to head to. Youtube may be the most popular site to host online videos but that remains true only in the western world. There are other Asian sites that are as good and even offer much more fun clips to watch. Student living outside Asia will love to visit because they can reconnect with their homeland through the videos that are hosted on the website.
Online video hosting The reference in Asian video hosting

Watching videos from is not only possible on the desktop browser but also on any mobile device like Android and iPhone. The team working behind the website is also very kind and jovial. The customer support is incredible. They always try to interact with the users and find new ways they can improve on their service.

There is a FAQ section where most of the popular questions have been answered to make sure that each visitor is able to solve his problem on his own. If anything that makes this website stand out, it is probably its 3D capability. Also all movies available can be downloaded for a small very affordable fee. There is a subscription option available to those who want to have access to all the movies within a certain period of time. If you’ve not checked out yet, this is the time.

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