Recently this site went through an array of changes which transformed it into a powerful news type site as it now discusses a range of different places and weather conditions. The data available is incredible – it ranges from annual averages (rainfall, temperature etc. ) to things such as altitude, location and much more.

Who uses

Many of our students would use it during research, but people also make use of on a daily basis to check out their own location or to verify information prior to travelling. It is indeed also an amazing travel planner for those who are

determining the best times for certain locations.


It’s limitations is probably as with any weather website (BBC weather included) – and that is that obviously forecasts are only accurate for about 5 days ahead, more than that is still a gamble.

Want to know how hot it will be in Bangkok during February, or when the Monsoon will start? Or would you like to know what time of the year it will snow in London? How about the annual average temperature in Rio de Janeiro or Sydney Australia? All of this is available on at the tip of your fingers.

The APP is something to be considered – it will enhance it’s performance on tablets and mobile phones.







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