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by LoicSeptember 12, 2013 is the largest oil and gas company in the South-East. The company has developed activities related to the exploration, production, refining and marketing of gas and energy. has the capacity to drill up to 854 million barrels of oil. This implies that it has a maximum capacity of 8 million metric tones of a year. The company has 940 gas station distributed around Romania with another group of 270 found in countries like Bulgaria, Servia and Moldovia.
Romanian largest gas company the best oil company in Romania

In 2009 has a turnover of 3,029 million Euros. It was in 2004 that the company was privatized and ever since it has always recorded gains. This must be due to the modernization process that started in 2005. Improvement are ongoing and as the company gets better at what it does, it is willing to give the chance to students to do an internship with them.

The demand in oil keeps growing and that requires that the level of production is also up to speed with the rising demand. For this reason needs to train even more people to get involved with not only the drilling but also the distribution of oil across the different stations supplying it to the consumers. This is why students today are encouraged to take courses in oil refinery to get employed by big companies like Petrom.

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