WordPress.com is the worlds most popular content management system. It used to be a resource for bloggers, however due to a variety of innovative plugins as well as the incredible ease with which it is administered, WordPress has become the most popular choice for even websites these days.

Why students love wordpress.com:

Many universities would use open source learning management systems such as Moodle, however WordPress allows for interactive content to be shared, thus wordpress may be installed alongside modules such as Moodle or custom PHP systems.

Students on all our courses love WordPress because it helps them to express themselves and share content with the minimum technical knowledge.


Limitations of wordpress.com:

If compared to Drupal and Joomla, WordPress may have fewer technical functionalities, with reference to the core program, however when considering the options possible through plugins – the possibilities are endless and they include directory listings, booking systems, social interactivity and many more. When using this service, users are advised to frequently update to the latest version – this will help prevent security problems.

WordPress.com evolved significantly in the area of responsive websites: There are now templates which automatically takes into account the users’s browser size and location – thus providing the appropriate layout according to the screen size, device, location and browser software.

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