69 Free iPads competition for education contributors

Myfreecoursesonline is giving away 69 free iPad’s to users who submit the best reviews for free courses on the web as well as reviews of top Universities. This is part of an incentive to influence web users choice of free courses and Unversities through community intelligence. Contributors may submit reviews for the following two categories:

1. Reviews a free course: (category = top universities)

Write an article on which of the free courses you enjoyed the most. Readers would like to know why the course was useful and which features was particularly outstanding, for example interactive media or tutor support – or a superb layout with well researched information that contributes to the learning experience.

2. Review a top University: (category = education news)

If you study at any University which is particularly esteemed, offering students a great learning experience we would like you to write a review of institution.Why should others chose to study at the same institution? What was the highlights of attending the course, and perhaps tell us who was your favorite lecturer!

Review criteria:

1. Reviews should contain a minimum of 750 words,

2. Contributors may include images and embedded youtube videos,

3. Please do not advertise yourself but try to contribute to the web other learners experience,

4. Please fill in your author biography once logged in.

5. One user may submit a maximum of 10 reviews per competition.

STEP1: Register as a contributor

STEP2: Submit your review (Click Here)

Selection criteria:

The Editorial team of SiteTrail will hand pick the best reviews, which will all be submitted for a random prize draw. The selection will commence immediately once the first 500 reviews has been received and published. Users from any country, University may participate.

Good luck with your review – we look forward to hearing from you.


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